HARTING har-speed M12 X-Coding Connectors

With the har-speed M12, HARTING bases the Ethernet network on a sustainable M12 foundation.  The har-speed M12 differs significantly from today’s M12 connectors for Ethernet because it is based on a 4-pair connector face with paired shielding.  This allows the har-speed M12 to be used for Ethernet transfer rates up to 10 Gigabit.  The new HARTING har-speed M12 connector is therefore, capable of complying with the high requirements of Cat6.  For the first time a M12 cabling system can be used for relevantly high data performance and permanent sustainability.  The har-speed M12 connectors can be optimally used on applications with bandwidths in machine and facility engineering, but also for the      IP 67 infrastructure.  The basis for the new development is the new PAS 61076-2-10x that defines a uniform connector face for 8-pole M12 connectors.