Harting – Angled Profinet version of established push-pull connector for tight spaces

Jul 29 2011 – Switches, Relays & Onboard
A new version of its Han PushPull Profinet connector, with an angled outgoing cable which makes it suitable for use in situations where space is limited, has been introduced by Harting.
The Han PushPull connector (variant 14 according to IEC 61076-3-117) is the standard connector for industrial Profinet cabling applications where IP65/67 protection is required, and the new version ensures compliance with the required bending radii for data lines. Field-installable 4- and 8-pin RJ45 data inserts are also available.

Han PushPull RJ45 connectors are suitable for transmitting 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet, Category 5 (4-pin) or for transmitting 1/10Gbit/s Ethernet, Category 6, Class EA (8-pin), says the company.