Free Configuration Software from TURCK

Free Configuration Software from TURCK

Minneapolis, Minn. – TURCK has launched the latest version of its popular I/Oassistant software, V3.0. “We are proud to announce that our new I/Oassistant V3.0 package is now available for download completely free of charge at,” says Nick Clute, product specialist with TURCK’s network and interface division.

I/Oassistant is used as a configuration tool when designing TURCK’s BL20 in the panel and BL67 on the machine nodes. It can verify I/O arrangements and make suggestions based on power consumption and part compatibility – all while allowing the user to create a documentation set that includes photos of the station, a list of settable parameters, dimensions of the station for mounting considerations and a complete bill of materials. It will even generate the fieldbus I/O map for reference.

“I/Oassistant has been an integral part of TURCK’s complete I/O solution for many years, and it has undergone a major change,” adds Clute. “The V3.0 software package incorporates the use of FDT/DTM technology. We have chosen to use PACTware as our suggested FDT, however any FDT should work,” says Clute. Users may download the BL20 and BL67 DTM’s, or the full bundle complete with PACTware, the DTM’s and an instructional video to get started. All downloads are completely free of charge and can be used with or without TURCK hardware.

I/Oassistant may also be used when commissioning and troubleshooting hardware. Users can automatically import the hardware node, or add each module separately. All TURCK BL gateways come equipped with a maintenance port that connects to a computer via RS232, or may be connected using Ethernet (when equipped). When connected, the system can read inputs, write outputs, read diagnostics, and read/change parameters.

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