Diagnostics Product for all Networks

For the very first time, the new Trebing + Himstedt diagnostics solution enables monitoring of networks with different protocols in one single system. Trebing + Himstedt, pioneers in the field of fieldbus diagnostics with cutting-edge solutions, are thus continuously expanding their well-proven and successful concept to further industrial communication systems. This year?s SPS/IPC/DRIVES exhibition will witness the presentation of one combined diagnostics solution for PROFIBUS, PROFINET and Industrial Ethernet in a first step towards that goal. An extension to additional Ethernet protocols will follow in 2011.

The diagnostics concept comprises a web-based software tool and a network access point which is available, depending on user requirements, for fixed installation or for mobile use via notebook. Protocol-independent diagnostics functionalities and uniform views reduce the effort for plant-wide monitoring of all networks. In addition, the concept also provides instrumental support throughout the entire plant life cycle. In line with all Trebing + Himstedt diagnostics solutions, the new product continues to feature intuitive handling and operability. The automatic alert function translates into short reaction times in case of failures. Diagnostics information is available directly within the application at all times, or can be integrated into higher-lever applications via OPC.