COP-CON 220/PN PROFINET-CANopen gateway

IXXAT introduces the COP-CON 220/ PROFINET-CANopen gateway for connecting CANopen devices and networks to PROFINET systems.

The gateway enables bi-directional data exchange allowing for both the integration of existing, low-cost CANopen devices into PROFINET systems as well as the provision of data from PROFINET for use in CANopen. At this, the gateway operates as a PROFINET I/O device and uses slots and sub-slots for data exchange. On the CANopen side, the device acts as a CANopen NMT master with PDO and SDO support.

The gateway configuration is accomplished easily by using the IXXAT configuration tool which is included with delivery. Using EDS files, the configuration of the CANopen devices as well as establishing communication links is quick and intuitive. In addition to the configuration file necessary for the CANopen side (CDC file), the tool also automatically generates a GSDML file. The GSDML file allows for simple gateway integration into PROFINET networks and the access of PLC applications to the gateway.

The gateway is represented as a single I/O device. All data on the CANopen side which is exchanged through the gateway with the PROFINET network are defined in the GSDML file as variables with variable name, data size and data direction. This unprecedented dual side approach simplifies the configuration significantly.

The PROFINET-CANopen gateway features a powerful 32-bit microcontroller, which enables the processing of large amounts of data. DIN rail housing, a temperature range of -40 ° C to +85 ° C and a wide supply voltage range of 9-32 V allow for easy integration into existing systems. The device and communication status is indicated by LEDs.

The gateway has an integrated 2-port switch, thus allowing easy integration into line topologies. The connection to the CANopen bus and the power supply is made using screw terminals. Device configuration and firmware upgrades can be made via a USB 2.0 port.

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