Comtrol’s EdgeWare™ Edge Controller Integrates RFID Readers, PLCs and SAP®

Dallas, RFID World 2006 Conference – Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2006 – Comtrol Corporation today announced the limited release of their EdgeWare edge controller that facilitates real-time communication and transparent integration of controls infrastructure and plant floor devices such as RFID readers with enterprise applications such as SAP.

Comtrol’s EdgeWare edge controller is making its debut at the RFID World 2006 Annual Conference and Exhibition. Comtrol is working with Sun Microsystems, as the software provider, who today announced the general availability of Sun Java (TM) System RFID Software 3.0, the newest version of Sun’s powerful RFID software solution that simplifies and speeds the deployment and administration of RFID networks, supports high-volume data management and integrates easily with enterprise business systems. The EdgeWare controller extends the reach of market-leading enterprise applications such as SAP to variety of plant floor devices within industrial and building automation, retail, and transportation environments. By embedding and integrating Sun’s RFID software and distributed architecture with industrial Ethernet protocols, on-demand business decisions can be made based on real-time information that is gathered from RFID readers, bar code scanners, sensors and other devices. Comtrol’s EdgeWare controller is easily integrated into the existing and future controls infrastructure by communicating to PLCs via their own industrial Ethernet protocol. The EdgeWare edge controller bridges the device-to-enterprise gap by making devices “speak-up” to enterprise applications.

“We partnered with Comtrol Corporation and selected the EdgeWare controller as a platform for device-level connectivity solutions,” said Sam Liu, director, RFID Products, Sun Microsystems. “Comtrol’s solid-state EdgeWare embedded device controller allows data from plant floor devices to integrate into an SAP system via the Sun Java System RFID Software 3.0 we announced today.”

EdgeWare Edge Controller Benefits: