CommDTM for PROFIBUS free-of-charge


CommDTM for PROFIBUS free-of-charge




PROFIBUS DTM Free-of-chargeNEWBURYPORT, MA -Softing, a leading provider of PROFIBUS technology, has announced a new version of its PROFIBUS Communication Device Type Manager (PROFIdtm). The new version 2.11 is free-of-charge and is available for download from Softing’s web site.

The PROFIdtm enables applications that adhere to the FDT standard to easily access field devices on a PROFIBUS network. The new version is released for

  • Windows 7,
  • Vista, XP and
  • Server 2008

and supports the 64-bit versions of the latest operating systems.

The PROFIdtm does not require any software licensing which significantly improves its ease-of-use aspect. The latest version of Softing’s DTM has been tested with leading FDT frame applications.

It is compatible with all PROFIBUS master PC interface boards from Softing and with the Ethernet remote interfaces of the FG PROFIBUS series.