COMbricks modular repeaters using ProfiTrace

August 15, 2011

COMbricks – modular PROFIBUS Repeaters with Remote Diagonstics using ProfiTrace

Grid Connect is pleased to announce the arrival of the new ProfiTrace™ software for the COMbricks™  product line from PROCENTEC.  Grid Connect is the authorized distributor for PROCENTEC in North America.    COMbricks is an automation network device that serves as both a network component (repeater backbone), and a permanently installed diagnostic tool (ProfiTrace OE).

A COMbricks repeater backbone can be shared amongst up to four PROFIBUS Networks, providing a way to permanently and simultaneously monitor all four networks through a single Ethernet network connection.  Companies with multiple and remote PROFIBUS networks, and a shortage of technical staff will find COMbricks ideally suited to leveraging staff and getting live diagnostic information from anywhere in the world at any time.  The COMbricks solution also will alert staff to network issues via email.

COMbricks features an integrated web server with a ProfiTrace OE shell that allows the user to quickly visualize the network information in an understandable format using just a Web Browser.    For users already familiar with the industry leading ProfiTrace Tools, PROCENTEC has also just released (August 10, 2011) a free version of their ProfiTrace software that will make a remote connection to COMbricks units without using a web-browser.  This new PC software has the same look and feel of the standard ProfiTrace 2 tool.

The revolutionary COMbricks technology features an expandable, ultra-high speed backplane where all modules are inserted.  The Head Station controller module provides the communications to the outside world via the Ethernet connection.  Up to 10 2-channel repeater modules may be added to the head station, providing a total of 20 network segments that can be assigned to any of 4 networks.   The COMbricks technology will be continue to be expanded in the future to add other types of modules as well as software features.

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