Balluff adds more I/O to IO-Link

Balluff adds more I/O to IO-Link

Balluff IO-Link HubsFlorence, KY (January 2, 2011): As part of its expanding package of control connectivity solutions, Balluff has introduced a full line of I/O Hubs to their IO-Link device offering.

Balluff understands that one size does not fit all, and different applications require different housing materials.  For this reason, Balluff offers a large range of IO-Link I/O hubs, ranging from M8 to M12 with plastic or metal housing.

When adding IO-Link I/O Hubs in an application, the hub usually replaces a standalone module that is connected directly to the bus network.  Most of these standalone modules have a certain level of diagnostics that assist in fast troubleshooting and aid in reducing downtime. Balluff’s line of IO-Link I/O Hubs are offered with or without diagnostics, thus giving your application the same level of short circuit and overload diagnostics as the network connected standalone modules.

The M8 Hubs range from 4-8 ports, with 3 or 4 pole varieties.  The M12 Hubs are all 8 port with single or dual input versions, as well as, a configurable model with output capabilities.

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