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Welcome to PROFIsafe Growth
Sometimes time goes very fast; a year ago PI published my welcome article on PROFIsafe in PROFINEWS. As everyone expected the number of PROFIsafe nodes installed has reached 5.4 million in year 2015. There is no doubt that this trend will continue for the coming years because of the transition of fieldbus technology from PROFIBUS to PROFINET and market acceptance of safe PLCs for functional safety of the machine.

– Rajesham Kurapati, WG Leader PROFIsafe Marketing

Safety for Bettmeralp Aerial Tramway
The cable car from the valley floor in Wallis to Bettmeralp at 1933 meters above sea level is the “umbilical cord” for this popular vacation destination: Skiers, hikers, and locals use it for transportation since Bettmeralp is car-free. Groceries, building materials, and heating oil are brought up from the valley and trash is brought down. Just imagine what might happen if the cable car failed. PROFIsafe ensures safe operation.

Safety for Cement Plant Crane
To produce 900,000 tons of cement annually, the Holcim cement plant in the Eclepens municipality (canton of Vaud, Switzerland) operates 24 hours a day and over 300 days a year as a very much function-oriented plant. At the heart of the plant, a traveling crane plays a key role in the production process.

PROFIsafe and Security
Functional safety allows safety functions to be defined that can actively react to a ‘security’ attack. New standards are being drafted that cross the divide between safety and security.

PROFIsafe Test Tool Announced
Of particular interest to manufacturers of PROFIsafe controllers is the new F-Host test tool for PROFIsafe V2.61. The F-Host test tool will be used by PI test labs for official certification tests and by vendors of F-Host controllers for in-house tests.

New Videos
Two new videos help the understanding of PROFINET and PROFIsafe. From Indu-Sol comes a video that shows how PROFINET works by using a street traffic analogy. From PI we have a live demo of PROFIsafe working. PI maintains three YouTube channels to which viewers can subscribe.

Giving Meaning to Data
The topic of Industrie 4.0 can be examined from many aspects that differ, above all, in their degree of complexity. At the core, however, it boils down to a simple formula: Data plus connectivity lead to increased productivity.

PI North America PROFINET Plugfest
PI North America in cooperation with the PROFI Interface Center created the first North American PROFINET plugfest, hosted by Phoenix Contact in Ann Arbor, MI on August 3-4. Thirty-five engineers from thirteen companies brought six controllers and thirty I/O devices to the plugfest.

Training and Events – September 2016

  • PI North America hosts its annual members meeting starting September 27. Seats are still available.
  • A new webinar “Introduction to PROFINET” has been archived.
  • Free PROFINET one-day training classes in the USA continue after a summer break.
  • PROFIsafe Certified Designer Training and PROFIsafe Refresher Seminars are scheduled in Germany but in the English language.
  • Germany will be hosting a number of German language classes too.

Your Article Here?
One of the many benefits of PI membership is the invitation to have your product news or application story published in PROFINEWS. PROFINEWS has a subscriber base of 225,000 so publication here is a major benefit.

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