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Global Networks
The only path to functioning networks in the context of Industrie 4.0 is by way of standards. They ensure a smooth information flow within the production process. That is why PI works closely with other organizations to advance usable and reliable solutions. This is illustrated by Peter Wenzel, Executive Director of PI Germany, with three examples from the past year.

Hannover Fair Report
The Hannover Fair is the largest industrial trade show. Each year a partner country is featured with this year’s partner being the USA. Not surprisingly, attendance from the USA reached an all-time high at 5,000 out of the 190,000 attendees. PI had its own booth on the red carpet tour route.

2015 PI Node Count: Extraordinary Growth
The annual determination of the installed base of PI technologies show a significant growth in market acceptance. The numbers for PROFINET and PROFIsafe are particularly strong. IO-Link is also exhibiting a strongly accelerated growth.

PROFINET and TSN Close Ranks through Industrie 4.0
Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is expected to be the next big advancement in standard Ethernet. It will allow determinism as part of IEEE-standard Ethernet. This will take quite some time, but PI has begun a Working Group to determine how best to leverage TSN in PROFINET. Note that PROFINET already provides deterministic performance, but as TSN becomes part of the Ethernet infrastructure, PROFINET will use it.

New Documents and Videos – May 2016
If you do nothing else, read this! Can’t make it to one of the hundreds of PROFIBUS or PROFINET training events going on around the world? Need a point of reference at the tip of your fingers? Many new documents are available, some with important updates.

Training Update – May 2016
This issue spotlights the 29 global certified PI Training Centers (PITCs) in 19 countries around the globe. PITCs train engineers and installers in courses ranging in length from one day to week-long. PITCs can be certified to teach Certified PROFIBUS Designer / Engineer / Installer, Certified PROFIBUS PA Engineer, and/or Certified PROFINET Engineer / Installer.

Intelligent Communication Networks in the Application of Industrie 4.0
Are new technologies needed for implementation of Industrie 4.0? Not necessarily. Rather, it is a matter of toughening up existing technologies so that they can meet future requirements. PROFINET is already well-prepared for this because of the important groundwork laid by PI to date.

IO-Link: Did You Know
Did you know that IO-Link is regarded as a facilitator for the diagnostic concepts of Industrie 4.0? Industrie 4.0 is loaded with high expectations. If it is to become a reality, data and information from the sensor/actuator level must be made accessible. IO-Link  provides communication capability to the last meter to the field device.

Regional News – May 2016
In Brazil, more seminars have been hosted at AmBev as the company standardizes on PROFIBUS and PROFINET. Meanwhile, Australia prepares for its Automation Innovation Summit on May 25th. In the Netherlands, an Industrial Communication seminar is set for June 9th in  Rotterdam.

New Products – May 2016
Many new products to announce this month including I/O from Acromag, an IO-Link master from Comtrol, a switch from Helmholz, a weighing terminal from Mettler Toledo (shown), easy safety from Phoenix Contact, and three new products from Siemens.

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