Issue 67

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Migrating from PROFIBUS to PROFINET
The time is right, since the technology is perfected and PROFINET is already integrated into many newly developed devices and components.

News from South East Asia
Ladies and Gentlemen, a lot has been going on in South East Asia, allow me to give you a short review.

Specialty Fats and Oils
Oleo-Fats in the Philippines is the number one supplier of specialty fats and oils to the country’s food industry. Their hybrid PROFINET and PROFIBUS PA installation […]

Training Class PROFINET FAQ
In our One-Day Training Classes, there seem to be a handful of questions that we receive from the audience relating to PROFINET that crop up time and again.

Brazil’s Sugar-energy Sector benefits from PROFIBUS
The Brazilian agro-business is standing out with new bio-energy plants, which produce 26.52 billion liters of ethanol, making Brazil the second largest worldwide exporter.

Social Media (Issue 67)
Sharing. Mom and Dad encouraged you to share your toys with your siblings. PI North America encourages you to share PROFINEWS.

Member News: Phoenix Contact Opens CTC
Phoenix Contact opens its new San Jose Customer Technology Center (CTC). The facility brings the company closer to its Silicon Valley customers.

Editors’ Note: Farewell to Geoff
Twenty years ago, Michael Bryant and Geoff Hodgkinson sat in a pub and, on the back of a cocktail napkin, scribbled the plans for a new newsletter to share the news about PROFIBUS, the new fieldbus. The newsletter became PFOFINEWS.

World News
It was a great success for the Consorzio Profibus Network Italia’s (PNI) participation at the leading trade fair for automation in Italy: SPS IPC Drives Italia.

New Products

  • New safety I/O
  • A dual-PROFIBUS PCI card
  • Revamped gateways
  • Improved PROFIBUS error detection
  • PROFIBUS PA indicators
  • Industrial Wireless LANs
  • High availability control platforms
  • A new PROFIBUS hub

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