Issue 57

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  • NORTH AMERICA GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING – Members meet in Scottsdale to discuss all things PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • PROFINEWS GOES MOBILE – App-based interactive magazine launches in November
  • TROUBLESHOOTING PROFIBUS – A diagnostic tool eliminates random errors from a production line
  • PROFIBUS AT 2 DEGREES KELVIN – Diagnostic capabilities ensure high availability at particle research facility
  • THE HIGH POWERED TRUNK CONCEPT: WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? – Another useful tip for optimizing PROFIBUS installations
  • BE A CERTIFIED PROFIBUS/PROFINET ENGINEER – Three chances left in 2013 to boost your career potential
  • 1200 ATTENDED OUR TRAINING CLASSES IN 2013 – The headline says it all … and there’s still time to join a class this year
  • US PRODUCTION EXPANDS; CHILE MEMBER CERTIFIES 100th ENGINEER – Instrument company grows in North America while Chile PICC extends its influence
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Tweeting grows in popularity as a new PROFIBUS Dialogues film is unveiled.
  • WORLD NEWS – An Australian PROFIBUS/PROFINET Fair, a German workshop and plant compliance test scheme
  • PRODUCT NEWS – Testers, Switches, Gateways, Boards and a DC UPS

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