Issue 47

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  • “OUR BEST EVER” – PI North America Executive Director Michael J Bryant gets excited about the recent GAM
  • 18th GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING REPORT – A summary of the best from the GAM
  • OUTSTANDING SUCCESS FOR 2012 TRAINING CLASSES – The 2012 program draws to a close; now 2103 is on the horizon
  • CERTIFIED NETWORK ENGINEER CLASSES – There’s one more chance to take part in 2012
  • NEW LEARNING RESOURCE FOR PROFIBUS – A basic slide set to help you learn more about PROFIBUS
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – Of Blogs and Bumpless Redundancy
  • WORLD NEWS – Switzerland, Poland, South East Asia, China, Australia, Ireland, South Africa
  • NEW PRODUCTS – Slave ASIC, Ethernet converter, PROFINET vision

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