Issue 45

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  • YOUR INVITATION TO THE 2012 GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING – The 18th annual meeting for members is in AZ, September
  • PHOENIX CONTACT JOINS BOARD – New Board Member sees substantial growth potential for PROFINET
  • FROM TECHNOLOGY TO WORLD CLASS BRAND – With 5 million nodes added in 2011, PROFIBUS remains the key fieldbus player
  • TRAINING CLASS SCHEDULES UPDATED – Final class dates confirmed for 2012; are you attending?
  • A GREAT MILESTONE – Spain came late to the Regional PI Association network; now it’s catching up!
  • CERTIFIED NETWORK TRAINING PROGRAM – Boost your career: become a Certified Network Engineer
  • GE TOURS PROFINET SYSTEM – North American automation supplier holds 60+ event series
  • SOCIAL MEDIA – A quick look at the social ways to access PROFINET
  • WORLD NEWS – From China, South East Asia, Middle East, Australia, Brazil
  • NEW PRODUCTS – Control Platform; Redundant Controller; Network Tool; High Power Segment Driver; PROFIBUS Water Sampler; Gigabit Switch; Chip Costs Less

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