Issue 35

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  • Good Progress and Broadening Horizons
  • ‘All Things PROFINET’ Expands
  • Training Class Success In 2010
  • Webinars for Developers
  • Debunking the Myth: An Old Piece of Misinformation Comes Back to Haunt Us!
  • World News: Germany, Poland, India, Japan, UK, Netherlands
  • Technology Update: Making Life Easier In Process Automation
  • Applications: China / Automotive
  • Configuring Hart Over Profibus
  • PROFIpeople: Bringing You the ‘Who’s Who’ of PROFIBUS and PROFINET
  • New Products: IP67 Rating for Gateway
  • Plug Is Also Proxy
  • Overload Relay for IO-Link
  • RJ45 Is Quick To Connect
  • Single Diagnostic Package for PROFINET and PROFIBUS

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