Issue 28

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  • Online General Assembly Meeting
  • Krakow Meeting Success
  • Ninth Year of PROFItech Classes
  • Learn About Profibus and PROFINET: Free One-Day Training
  • Win a PROFItech Certified
  • Engineer Course
  • Webinars
  • Web-Based Training
  • Blogging and Tweeting With PTO
  • PROFIpeople: Faces in The News
  • Applications: Czechia / Water
  • Cincinnati / Packaging with PROFINET
  • Member News: Chosen by Cisco for PROFINET
  • World News: UK, India, Japan, Australia, Brazil
  • New Products: PROFINET Interface, Fiber Optic Interface, Introducing The Slot PLC, Encoder First For PROFINET IRT, Communication Adapter For Flex And Integra

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