Issue 26

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  • 4 Ways to Learn About Profibus and PROFINET: Become a Certified Network Engineer
  • Attend Free One-Day Training Classes
  • Connect Via the Internet
  • Try Our Web-Based Training
  • Hannover Fair: Muted … or Not?
  • PROFINET System Description
  • White Paper: PROFINET in Context
  • PROFINET Installation Guideline Is Field-Friendly
  • Wireless for Sensors And Actuators In Factory Automation
  • PI Conference Report
  • Tech Update: Implementing Fast Start Up
  • Two New Books
  • World News: Brazil, India, UK
  • Remote Conference and Expo
  • New Products: Developer Package, OPC Server, 4 Port IRT Switch, Repeater, Universal Gateway, Master For CONTROLlogix, Modbus TCP/IP to PROFIBUS, Step7 and PDM Drivers

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