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Ethernet and Industrial Communications: What’s the Latest?
It’s been hard to miss all the activity going on recently around time sensitive networking (TSN) and OPC UA. Here’s what it means for the near-term future of PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and industrial networking in general.

Regional News – March 2017
Countries featured in this month’s PROFINEWS include Ireland where its Chairman provided training overseas in Turkey, Japan where IO-Link is proving immensely popular, and Germany where a major event, the PI Conference, is scheduled for March 22-23.

Advanced PROFINET Features Pay Dividends: Alarms and Records
For most folks jumping in to a PROFINET development project, there’s one only goal that they have in mind: exchange cyclic real-time data with a PLC. Devices that can only exchange data cyclically force developers to pack all sorts of data in to the real-time channel that don’t belong there. Fortunately, PROFINET provides alternative options here.

A Short Guide to Addressing EMI on PROFIBUS
Communication issues are often encountered on PROFIBUS networks, due to various factors such as reflections or electromagnetic interference (EMI). Malfunctions caused by these problems can easily be avoided if the main causes can be identified. Here’s how…

Automation Integrator Uses Comtrol for Device Connectivity
A factory automation integrator selected the Comtrol DeviceMaster UP 2-port 2E for a production line cell for forging spindles. In this application, laser markers communicating via TCP/IP were used to apply a serial number to the spindles. The commands were sent to the marker through a PLC running PROFINET.

IoT Case Study: Remote Control via PROFINET
Modern technology allows you to do a lot of things remotely. Soaking in a spa is not one of them (at least not yet). Water treatment specialists Aquila Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH have found a way to do maintenance and troubleshooting of their system from any location. PROFINET provides the automation network backbone.

Digital-Driven Solutions Boost Plant Control
Innovation is, of course, partly about technology. But it is also about massive improvements in productivity through the empowerment of a business’s only untapped resource – its people.

PROFINET Quiz 2017
A previous edition of PROFINEWS carried a PROFINET quiz drawn from new and old questions. This month there are all new questions! Challenge your PROFINET knowledge today…

IO-Link: Did You Know?
A new Design Guideline from the IO-Link Community offers all interested users support during the planning of automation systems with IO-Link devices.

New Products: March 2017
There are many new products to announce this month from the following companies: HMS, MESCO, Phoenix Contact, PROCENTEC, Renesas, TWK, and Weidmüller.

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