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To Improve is to Change…
… To be perfect is to change often.
-Winston Churchill.

With each PROFINEWS edition, the news changes and becomes ever more engaging. For example, later this month at the SPS/IPC/Drives tradeshow in Nuremberg, prepare for some exciting announcements from PI. In meantime, I want to point out a few highlights in this issue.

IIoT in Reverse
Most of the talk surrounding the Industrial Internet of Things focuses on moving data upward and outward. Equally important is enabling your factory to handle incoming data.

High Demand for PROFI- technologies in Brazil
The adoption of PROFIBUS and PROFINET in Brazil is growing rapidly. Two multi-billion dollar companies, Ambev, the world’s fifth largest beer producer and Raizen, one of the world’s largest sugar and ethanol producers, are both investing in the technologies.

Is Profibus or 4-20mA More Accurate?
When it comes to transmitting process variables, 4-20 mA is by far the most popular method. Digital fieldbuses such as PROFIBUS or PROFINET, however, are said to be more accurate and generally better than 4-20 mA. What isn’t discussed very often, however, is the extent of how much more accurate they are. This topic is the elephant in the control room.

Understanding PROFIBUS Diagnostics Part 3: Alarms
PROFIBUS DPV1 Alarms are a special kind of extended diagnostic. Compared to normal extended diagnostics, Alarms require an additional acknowledgment “handshake” between the master (controller) PLC or DCS and the slave device.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that over 100 members now belong to the IO-Link community?

IO-Link has established itself in the market faster than almost any other communication technology. At the market launch in 2009, there were 41 member companies to start. Now with the addition of Weiss Robotics in October, the 100th company has joined the member community.

Social Media
PI provides a number of “Social Media” venues as service to the community of PROFINET and PROFIBUS users and beyond. From opinionated blog posts to educational videos, see the spectrum of PI Social Media.

Member News: Phoenix Contact Assists Local College with PROFINET Kits
HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, has become the first American school to join Phoenix Contact’s EduNet program. EduNet is an international education network that brings together schools and industry in the field of automation technology. The EduNet program includes donating equipment for the lab. This gives students hands-on access to several Phoenix Contact ILC controller and PROFINET starter kits, the same type of equipment they might use once they graduate and work on the manufacturing floor.

Regional News
News this month from:

  • Germany, where a successful PROFIsafe workshop was held
  • Italy and Poland, with IO-Link workshops
  • France, who is hosting three events in early December
  • Australia, where they prepare for the 2016 Automation Innovation Summit

Product News
New products this month include:

  • A PROFINET master simulator software from HMS
  • Four new gateways from ProSoft
  • Power buffers and power converters from SIEMENS with PROFINET connectivity
  • An embeddable PROFINET interface from Hilscher that includes an OPC UA server

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