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Drives Are the Muscles of Automation
Drives are the muscles of automation and they are used in all parts of factory automation, process industry, and infrastructure. Today with smart automation and distributed control systems, modern drives are fully integrated in industrial communication. At PI this integration is PROFIdrive.

Fast Access to the PROFIdrive World
PROFINET is being used increasingly as a drive bus. Drive manufacturers are looking for a cost- and time-efficient way to implement PROFINET in their devices. A Swiss drive manufacturer found just such a way to make its linear drive PROFINET-capable in minimum time while also implementing the PROFIdrive drive profile.

PROFIdrive: Tell Me More
Want to learn more about PROFIdrive? There are many resources available including documentation, white papers, and videos. For a quick introduction, view the MinutePROFINET video “MinutePROFINET: PROFINET and Drives.” PROFIdrive is one of many application profiles for PROFINET and PROFIBUS.

IO-Link: Did You Know?
Did you know that every IO-Link device is delivered with a mandatory device description? With IO-Link there are many enhanced functions available compared to conventional sensors and actuators. IO-Link devices can be uniquely identified and conveniently parameterized, and they supply diagnostics that open up new opportunities and potential for plant availability and predictive maintenance.

Tech Tip: How Many Devices on a PROFIBUS Network?
In the PROFITech Certified PROFIBUS Engineer classes one of the more frequently asked questions is “How many devices can be on a PROFIBUS network?” The short answer is that up to 126 Masters and slaves can be on a single PROFIBUS network.

Training and Events
2015 is barely upon us and the calendar is already filling up. PI will have a presence at many tradeshows throughout the year. Additionally, training classes have been announced throughout the US, Germany, and the UK.

Updates from PI
PI (PROFIBUS & PROFINET International) has updated the planning, installation, and commissioning guidelines for PROFINET networks to include acceptance test checklists. A new PROFINET System Description is also released. Meanwhile, in Social Media, the PROFIblogger muses on ‘what is the Industrial Internet of Things’.

Member News
PI members Balluff and Beamex have announcements in this issue. Balluff is announcing a free catalog app for iOS and Android. Beamex has released a video showing how to calibrate a PROFIBUS transmitter using their tool.

 Regional News

  • PI Australia will be participating in the Fieldbus Forum in 2015 on the PACE Today website
  • PI Middle East conducted a workshop in Kuwait
  • PI UK announces its annual conference for June.

 New Products

  • New products this month include:
  • Push-pull IO-Link masters
  • Ethernet switches
  • Programmable temperature transmitters
  • Industrial embedded PCs
  • Laser-based data transmission

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