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PROFINET and PROFIBUS News from Hanover Fair
Hanover Fair welcomed 180,000 visitors, visiting 5,000 exhibitors from over 100 countries. PI coordinated the Field Communication Lounge.

What’s in a (PROFINET Device) name?
Hunter Harrington, PROFINET Consulting Engineer, of the PROFI Interface Center, discusses the importance of PROFINET device naming plus rules and caveats.

One Day Training Classes (Issue 64)
Users and System Integrators get a great overview of PROFINET at the no-cost PI North America one-day training classes.

Certified Network Engineer Classes (Issue 64)
For detailed knowledge of PROFINET, even examining PROFINET Ethernet frames, take a week-long PROFINET Certified Network Engineer class.

Drive Safety
Before PROFIsafe, drive safety meant removing power from the drive. And if coasting was a hazard, that meant adding an external brake.

Spotlight: PROFIBUS and PROFINET Resources
You are missing out on a veritable treasure-trove of information, if you’ve never been to the Resources section of the Profibus and PROFINET website.

Implementing PROFINET
There are many ways to implement PROFINET in devices: FPGAs, ASICs, stacks, and modules. The one to choose depends on …

Social Media Update (Issue 64)
“Like” PI North America on Facebook! If you are using Facebook, why not connect with PI North America there?

World News (Issue 64)
From Australia, video of a PROFINET seminar titled “Understanding PROFINET: The Leading Industrial Ethernet Standard.”

Product News (Issue 64)
Product Roundup: The panoply of new products for April includes industrial Ethernet switches, ultrasonic welding equipment, PROFICLOUD, I/O blocks and PROFIsafe components.

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