Issue 155

A Major Change in Communication for the Process Industry There is a big shift coming to the Process Control industry. Do you know what technologies are driving this disruption? It’s time to familiarize yourself. PROFINET in Process Automation – The… Read more »


PI Helps Foster an Intelligent and Digitized Future To conquer challenges faced in fulfilling the visions of “Industrie 4.0” and the “Industrial Internet of Things” and the “Made in China 2025” strategy, the whole world is vigorously advancing digitalized manufacturing…. Read more »

Issue 153

The Importance of Open Standards As the data from factories scales exponentially, the ability to access that data transparently becomes critical. If we want the Industrial Internet of Things to truly be a game changer for the manufacturing industry, open… Read more »

Issue 152

TSN and OPC at Hanover Fair – Any Other News? OPC UA wherever you look. This was my first impression at Hannover Fair, which just closed its doors for 2017. With the rise of Industrie 4.0 and the IIoT, OPC… Read more »

Issue 151

PI Poland to Hannover Fair 2017 Poland is honored to be a partner country on the Hannover Fair this year. PI Poland will be at the fair and this issue of PROFINEWS features Polish updates, success stories, and case studies…. Read more »

Issue 150

Ethernet and Industrial Communications: What’s the Latest? It’s been hard to miss all the activity going on recently around time sensitive networking (TSN) and OPC UA. Here’s what it means for the near-term future of PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and industrial networking… Read more »

Issue 149

IO-Link – a Success Story! IO-Link continues to grow in number of devices installed and in advances to the technology itself. Read this article about IO-Link Safety, wireless connectivity, and a profile for smart sensors. Then read this issue’s additional… Read more »

Issue 148

The PROFIfuture At the beginning of the year it’s a time to reflect a bit on the year gone by and look ahead to the new year. In 2016 we watched the continuing evolution of the concepts of Industrie 4.0… Read more »

Issue 147

Industrie 4.0, IIoT, OPC UA, & PROFINET “The SPS/IPC/Drives Show just closed its doors and I must say it was an exciting show. Of course, Industrie 4.0 and IIoT dominated the fair from the 30 thousand foot view, but the… Read more »

Issue 146

Network of the Future As the popular saying goes, “paths are made by being walked.” In this sense, PROFINET has clearly shown that a technology can outgrow its expectations and blaze new trails as a pioneer. When an Ethernet-based communication… Read more »