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Our no-fee training class program for 2014 is unveiled
Nine Certified Engineer classes have been fixed for 2014
We have a detailed report from the SPS/IPC/Drives Fair press conference in Nuremberg where Emerson confirmed its commitment to PROFINET and Innovasic launched a new PROFINET switch chip. There was news of PROFIdrive updates and FDI standardization
Our eagerly awaited PROFINEWS app is available for Android and iOS.
The first PROFINET Test Lab in China and more videos from South East Asia
There's a new Safety PLC, a brand new way to connect PA segments to DP, new TIger firmware for PROFINET and a new IRT switch capable of IP65/67 operations

Are you connected to our Generation 5.0 PROFINEWS app yet? It's available now from the Apple iStore and Google Play, for phones and tablets. Look for the PROFINEWS icon.

WE'LL BE ALL OVER THE MAP IN 2014: Carl Henning writes: Our one-day training class series for 2013 concluded last week (Dec 12th) with a PROFINET class in Orlando. Next year will be our thirteenth year of offering these one-day classes. Well over 10,000 have already been trained! In 2014, we plan 16 PROFINET one-day training classes. We'll be all over the map:

Next year will also be the first year we are not offering PROFIBUS one-day training classes. PROFIBUS training is now widely available from many companies, leaving us to focus on the PROFINET classes. The class agenda is being revamped with more demos, more practical examples, new content, and a new sequence. For a more detailed look at what happens on class day, visit the blog post “PROFINET one-day training class – What is it like?” There's a short video here from our recent Detroit session.

For more details and a registration form, click a city below:

PROFINET Training City


San Diego 2/4/2013
Birmingham February
Houston 3/6/2013
Greenville 3/19/2013
Dayton April
Las Vegas April
Kansas City April
Boston May
Milwaukee June
Cleveland June
Nashville September
Philadelphia October
Detroit October
Salt Lake City November
Portland November
San Jose December

Not all cities have firm dates and venues, so watch this newsletter for updates. Or, see the full schedule. More dates may be firm by the time you read this.

No training class in your area? Take a Webinar instead: Watch

CERTIFIED NETWORK ENGINEER TRAINING CLASSES: Two weeks ago we finished our final Certified Network Engineer class of 2013. The class was overbooked and we had to ask several folks to attend in March of 2014. The December class included engineers from three automotive companies, three device makers, an OEM, and a System Integrator. All passed the rigorous theoretical and practical exams. (Not everyone does pass, but those that do not are invited back to audit the class at no charge, space permitting, and retake the exams.) Those who pass are certified and listed on the PI website.

For more details on the 4 PROFINET, 2 PROFIBUS DP, and 3 PROFIBUS DP/PA classes, click on the Monday start dates for these week-long classes:




March 3 March 24 May 12
June 9 August 11 June 16*
September 15   November 3
December 8    

All classes are held in Johnson City, TN, unless marked with an asterisk; those are held in Peterborough, ON. Onsite classes can be arranged. Contact

We report from the SPS/IPC/Drives Fair in Nuremberg where a breakfast press conference on the middle day of the event saw several important announcements made. More than 20 international editors attended the conference.


GE Intelligent Platforms: The Company has been a PROFINET supporter for some time but it was still interesting to hear Rebecca Boll reprise the reasons. “Connecting machines, people and data with the power of the industrial Ethernet” was her theme. With PROFINET system redundancy mission critical applications become easier, she explained. Systems become more flexible and efficient enabling data to go where it's needed. Lower costs are also possible, enabling companies to achieve new levels of performance and confidence in critical facilities.  GE INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS.   Video excerpt of Rebecca's Presentation.

Emerson Process Management: Ernst Jäger announced that PROFINET interfaces are now available for DeltaV with the launch of the new VIM2, Virtual Interface Module. VIM2 is designed to be a 100% drop-in replacement for existing VIMs, which means that PROFINET can be deployed in existing DeltaV installations. Summarizing, Jäger said that PROFINET enables motor control centers, variable speed drives and other process specific equipment to meet high availability requirements. “PROFINET is an easy, scalable and flexible solution,” he added.  EMERSON PROCESS MANAGEMENT.

Innovasic: Volker Goller announced a 2-port real-time switch for PROFINET supporting the V2.3 specification down to 31.25 micro seconds “and below”. Known as Real Time Ethernet Multi-Protocol switch, or REM, it can be used with any PROFINET stack and features a Priority Channel that fast-tracks real-time frames and is “immune” to network loading effects. INNOVASICVideo of Booth demo.

PI Drives Support: PI Chairman Karsten Schneider outlined PI technology for Drives and Motion Control. “There can be no automation without drives,” he said but applications vary, from standard drives through simple motion control to enhanced motion control. PROFINET RT and IRT can meet the requirements, he added, particularly when linked with PROFIsafe and PROFIenergy in this market. Special video of Schneider's Presentation.

The PROFIdrive Community Project: Based on open source solutions this project can speed development times. The team is about to announce support for isochronous applications using PROFINET IRT. In addition it is working on an expansion for controllers which will significantly reduce implementation effort. A PROFIdrive tester was recently made available.  PROFIDRIVE COMMUNITY PROJECT.

Security Guidelines and "a new world": Schneider also introduced the new Security Guideline which relates to PROFINET in automation networks. It includes elements and organization of a Security Management Process and offers security concepts for solving requirements such as “Defense in Depth.” Finally, Schneider said that the FDI specification has been completed and is moving towards standardization, with common device tools making it easy to change to “the new world”.

PROFIblog also has a selection of reports from the event, including a booth 'walkabout', the press conference and a photo gallery.

PROFINEWS APP LAUNCHED: Also at SPS/IPC/Drives, the brand new PROFINEWS app was launched - see iPad home screen left. It's available in both iOS and Android versions. This is the 5th generation of PROFINEWS since its introduction in 1994, a major achievement for any automation organization. As PI Chairman Karsten Schneider writes in the app: it provides "quick access information at your fingertips. Easy to navigate and exciting to read."  Get the app from the Apple iStore or Google Play according to your mobile preference. Look for this PROFINEWS icon:

PROFINEWS stories will now start life in the app but will also be readable over the web, with an email 'alert' distributed in the usual manner. The app is being updated continuously so it'll always have something fresh to read, whenever and wherever you access it. Get the app from the iStore or Google Play.

CHINA: In November, the 2013 PI-China Conference took place in Shanghai, entitled ”PROFINET Applications in China”. PI Chairman Mr. Karsten Schneider delivered the keynote address and awarded a certificate of accreditation as a PROFINET Test Lab to Mr. Ouyang Jinsong, director of ITEI. This means that China-developed PROFINET devices can now be certified locally, rather than having to be sent to North American or European Test Labs - a significant saving in cost and time.  PI-CHINA.

SOUTH EAST ASIA: PI South East Asia has just opened a new Media section in their segment of the PI web site, with three nice videos already included. Check it out HERE. It includes their recent Vietnam seminar in Ho Chi Minh city which attracted a record-breaking 140+ attendees.  WATCH.

NEW SAFETY PLC: AC500-S has been field tested over three years in 10 pilot applications. It includes support for Structured Text (ST) programming in addition to function block diagram (FBD) and ladder diagram (LD) software, complemented by trigonometric calculations for applications involving complex kinematics. Existing AC500 PLC users can easily convert to safety PLC architectures. A safety code analyzer tool has been built to verify safety programming rules. This tool has been certified by TÜV SÜD. It has a separate safety processor and can be configured to work even if the non-safety processor is in STOP or maintenance mode. ABB.

PA LINK MODULE: This PROFIBUS PA link/coupler enables seamless integration of PROFIBUS PA and PROFIBUS DP for COMbricks users. It provides 500 mA segment current on a customizable bus voltage and emulates PA devices as DP devices on the PROFIBUS DP side. The internal ProfiTrace and oscilloscope make it useful for remote maintenance over Ethernet and a free CommDTM allows access for asset management. COMbricks can carry 9 PA links and an RS 485 or fiber optic module, or a mix of PA modules and others.  PROCENTEC.

TIGER SUPPORTS PROFINET 2.3: Renesas Electronics Europe and KW-Software have new firmware for the TPS-1 (Tiger) PROFINET chip. It's based on PROFINET 2.3, which includes support for shared devices, plug and play, extended logbook, FX/TX media converter and more. Minimum integration effort is needed to achieve the most robust PROFINET implementations. KW SOFTWARE.

IRT MODULE IS IP65/6: FL Switch IRT real-time switches are now available with IP65/67 protection to facilitate PROFINET fiber-optic networks in the field. The switches use ERTEC chip technology. Cut-through switching provides shorter latency times and a built-in PROFINET IO device allows for configuration and monitoring via the PROFINET controller. PHOENIX CONTACT.

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