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18 Regional PI Associations meet in Malmo to discuss technical issues and strategies
PI North America's 20th Anniversary will be something to watch for
Feedback from training class attendees indicates high levels of satisfaction being maintained
Certified Engineer Classes also continue to please
New videos explain standardization/interoperability and easy device replacement
China, Kuala Lumpur, South Africa and Australia feature here
A PROFINET Scanner and three PROFIBUS test tool updates, one with traffic lights!

PI ASSOCIATIONS MEET IN SWEDEN: Chairmen from PI North American sister Regional PI Associations (RPAs) around the world gathered in Malmo, Sweden in May to share experiences, learn about latest technical developments, and find out about the latest strategies for supporting PROFIBUS and PROFINET in their regions. 18 organizations - including PI North America - were represented out of the 26 current RPA offices. One early responsibility of the meeting was to choose a new PI Deputy Chairman and previous incumbent Michael Bryant (above), Executive Director of PI North America, was re-elected.

The meeting was hosted by the three Scandinavian RPAs (Sweden, Norway and Denmark), with Swedish Chairman Lars Larsson (right) shouldering most of the administrative load during his 20th anniversary year!

In his opening address PI Chairman Karsten Schneider (left) spoke about the need to re-focus PROFINET marketing away from the "what is it?" position to "how to use it". German industry, he said, was well advanced in adopting PROFINET. "It's stable and fully complete, and it's really ready for the market." He also revealed that more emphasis will now be placed on PROFINET in Process Automation. The process working groups completed their work several years ago and now there is increasing collaboration between experts from both sides to further a long term strategy.

The PI meeting overlapped with the annual meeting of PI Competence Centers, Test Labs and Training Centers. Max Felser, PICC Chairman for the past 21 years, announced that due to a promotion he was unable to continue in his role. Prof. Dr Fritjhof Klasen, a Board member of PI Germany will take his place. A special one-off "PROFImax" award was conferred in his honor.

Other news from the meeting:

  • Trebing and Himstedt has been confirmed as a PI Competence Center for PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS PA and PROFINET. Pictured right is Bernd Kramer of T+H receiving the certificates from PI Chairman Karsten Schneider.
  • The FDI Spec. is well on the path to completion - the development of tools and components is making good progress.
  • PROFINET is on the way to 10 million installed nodes.
  • PI Competence Centers have established a mechanism to validate PROFINET installations.

CELEBRATION PLANNED FOR 2014: Following the recent string of PI 20th anniversary events around the world, starting with PROFIBUS itself in 2009, the Swiss Regional PI Association (RPA) in September 2012, the Swedish RPA in 2013 and the UK PROFIBUS Group also in 2013, PI North America has begun planning its own 20th anniversary celebrations for 2014. Executive Director Michael Bryant says it's going to be "something special", and is promising to unveil more of his plans at PI North America's General Assembly Meeting (GAM) in September. Logos are being designed and no doubt tee-shirts too. Is a special guest part of the plan? Watch this space! If you are a member then make sure to attend the 2013 GAM, being held this year Sept 24th - 26th at the Scottsdale Marriot in Arizona. Mark those dates now! Registration news shortly.

COMPLIMENTS OF THE SESSIONS: As PI North America staff crisscross the country to deliver free training on PROFINET and PROFIBUS, it's worth considering why classes get so booked out so early. With over 600 already attending so far this year, we thought a closer look at the feedback forms might be interesting. It's better than we thought ... here are some comments from students attending recent classes:

  • "Impressed with the amount and quality of the technical content in a free class."
  • "Very good information.  Most courses are based on ‘sales'. This was well balanced on ‘information.'"
  • "The training was very well organized and presented."
  • "Course stayed on track and closely followed the agenda.  Excellent class! "
  • "Excellent class and the price was right! "

There are still plenty of opportunities to join a training class. See map above for upcoming locations or CLICK HERE to visit the training class page on Classes count towards Professional Development Hours.

Or, why not consider our webinar program? There's also web-based training HERE, with a new PROFIsafe module just added, covering networked safety in general as well as PROFIsafe in detail.

"GET CERTIFIED" AND BOOST YOUR CAREER: Certified Training Classes are comprehensive multi-day programs that provide deep insight into the workings of each PI protocol. With a hands-on approach and small class sizes, students receive individual attention.  Students passing the theoretical and practical exams become qualified as a Certified Network Engineer. Upcoming certifying events are:

Jul Johnson City, TN
Jul 22nd - 26th
Aug Johnson City, TN
Aug 12th - 16th
Sep     Johnson City, TN
Sep 9th - 13th
Nov Johnson City, TN
Nov 4th - 8th
Dec     Johnson City, TN
Dec 2nd - 6th

On-site classes can be arranged. Contact the PI North America office, or email:

Monitor our 2013 PROGRAM HERE.


This new video explains why standardization is vital for interoperability. It's focused on PROFIBUS but the underlying message could be applied to PROFINET. Based on two characters talking, the film uses a simple analogy to make its point clearly. WATCH IT HERE or click the pic.

NEW VIDEO 2 - EASY DEVICE REPLACEMENT: 145 views in just 2 weeks ago is the claim to fame of the latest video from PI North America. There are now 11 videos on line, none lasting more than one minute approximately, so it doesn't take long to learn. Simple Device Replacement is a feature of PROFINET that allows a user to replace a defective device with a fresh-from-the-factory replacement, and be up-and-running in no time at all. It's a unique feature of PROFINET.

PROFIblog has been spreading its wings recently with a raft of postings on topics such as "Go with the Network that Works Part 2", "Safety the Movie is Online" and "Open Networks: What's in it for you?" If you missed any of these then listen to me very carefully ... CATCH UP HERE!

China: PI-China participated in the 12th Forum on “Industry Automation and Standardization” 2013 - Suitability and Realization of Measurement and Control System Security and Safety, in May. PI China has also started to establish PROFINET, PROFIsafe and PROFIdrive as national standards (GB/T). PROFIBUS and PROFIBUS PA have reached GB/T status. Two PI Competence Centers are active (see HERE). CHINA.

Kuala Lumpur: PI is returning to Kuala Lumpur for a free technological Seminar in July, with a live demonstrations of products and solutions at a microfair alongside. Vendors will show their demo systems and products. REGISTER HERE.

South Africa: The South African Regional PROFIBUS Association (SARPA) hosted a booth at Process Expo Africa 2013, succeeding to sign up new members in the process. Rob Mackenzie (Chairperson of SARPA) and Francois Venter (Vice-Chairperson of SARPA) presented new developments in PROFIBUS and PROFINET at a free breakfast during the event. SOUTHERN AFRICA.

Australia: A PROFIBUS installation at the Southern Seawater Desalination Plant (SSDP) in Binningup, Western Australia’s second seawater desalination plant, is one of four finalists in the 2013 PACE (Process and Control Engineering magazine) Zenith Best Fieldbus Implementation Awards. AUSTRALIA.

SCANNER FOR PROFINET PLATFORM: GE Intelligent Platforms has released PACSystems RX3i, PAC8000 and VersaMax IP Scanners for its PROFINET platform. The Scanners enable GE's I/O to be used as a distributed intelligent node. Combined with the RX3i controller, it makes a high performance, singular form factor for demanding applications and enables up to 25% reduction in footprint. GE INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS.

TESTER 4 UPDATED: Softing has launched a new version of its PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite. PROFIBUS Tester 4 is able to simultaneously analyze the electrical signals and the data communications on a network, eliminating the need for multiple components. The intuitive user-interface is designed to guide a novice down the correct path to solving a network problem. HERE.

PROFItrace WITH TRAFFIC LIGHTS: ProfiTrace and COMbricks can now be supplied with the 3-color "Traffic Light" standard, giving managers and less experienced staff a better insight into the condition of a network without getting "blurred" by details. The colors are based on the telegrams and signal quality. Experts will also find the traffic light useful. PROCENTEC.

PA 3.02 Tester Update: A new version of the PROFIBUS PA Tester is available, supporting PROFIBUS PA Version 3.02. A PROFIBUS DP Tester is also available, for testing PROFIBUS DP Slaves. These test tools can be used for preliminary device tests by vendors and by accredited test laboratories for the certification process of PROFIBUS devices. ifak.

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