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REDUCING DOWNTIME IS AN ONGOING CHALLENGE: Wolfgang Schroeder, leader of PI's Working Group for Integrated Diagnosis, explains why PROFINET diagnostics can cut downtime dramatically. " When talking about productivity we usually think of increased machine performance and communication speeds. These are important of course but short cycle times are only part of the story.  In the end, a machine can only be productive if it is running. So, downtimes have to be reduced to an absolute minimum through effective error detection and management. The reason for the failure must be identified in the shortest possible time and in a completely vendor-neutral way.

"Fault diagnosis has been an integral part of PI specifications since the beginnings of PROFIBUS. The mechanisms PROFIBUS provides for vendor-independent diagnosis have been appreciated by thousands of satisfied users for more than 20 years. PROFINET's diagnostics are built on those same well-proven principles. Additional features like name-based addressing and network analysis tools further increase usability. A new video shows how PROFINET's "integrated diagnosis" features can help reduce downtimes in production by up to 50%.  WATCH THE VIDEO HERE or click the image below.

"But fault diagnosis is always subject to improvement because the requirements of end-users rise as the number of field devices in installations increases. The concept of "nested diagnosis" for hierarchical systems is now under investigation as one answer to these new demands. The concept was created in cooperation with end-users and is a good example of how functionality can be extended without impacting the standard itself.

"But even more is on the horizon! PROFINET is now investigating the diagnostic needs of process automation too, proof that, while PROFIBUS and PROFINET may set the benchmark for diagnosis today, increasing productivity remains a critical topic in all industries."

WHITE PAPER 1 - INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET CHECK LIST: When choosing an Industrial Ethernet protocol there are a range of questions to ask. This is because not all industrial automation networks are created equal. Our new White Paper identifies the 7 key steps to choosing the right protocol. The check list includes:
  • Does the Industrial Ethernet protect existing investments?
  • Is the protocol equipped to handle expansion?
  • Is it backed by many vendors, not just one company?
  • Is there a sizable support community?
  • Is it easy to implement different topologies?
  • Are the diagnostics robust, comprehensive, and logical?
  • Can you replace a device with little effort?


WHITE PAPER 2 - GUIDE TO IMPLEMENTING PROFIBUS PA FIELD DEVICES: This White Paper from Softing discusses the individual hardware and software aspects of implementing a PROFIBUS PA field device. While this implementation approach is applicable to a wide range of target platforms it results in substantial development effort and a long implementation time if performed by the manufacturer. It also requires in-depth fieldbus expertise. As a consequence, field device manufacturers are typically interested in reducing the associated expenses and shortening time-to-market. This goal can be reached by following implementation approaches based on pre-engineered hardware and software components. DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER.

WHITE PAPER 3 - FUTURE PROFINET CABLING FOR EXPANDED PLANT CONCEPTS: PROFINET has been successfully used in automation for about ten years. One reason for its success is the high data transfer performance. Another is ruggedized cabling technology specifically designed for industrial applications. PI decided to extend this successful cabling system to achieve Ethernet transfers to 1000Base-T with 1 Gbps. The solution had to sufficiently rugged for the industrial environment and, on top of that, ensure simple installation. The combination of measures chosen represents a solid foundation for taking Gigabit Ethernet into the industrial arena. DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER.


Training classes for the first half of 2013 are approaching their mid-year lull, with just Richmond in June on the horizon. So now is the perfect time to plan your Fall training program. The map above shows the venues. CLICK HERE to visit the training class page on to check the remaining locations and make your reservations. Here's more about the agenda:

  • Download the class agenda for PROFINET
  • Download the class agenda for PROFIBUS
  • Classes count towards Professional Development Hours.

THIS PAGE describes a typical training day in detail. If you can't make it to one of our classes why not consider our webinar program.

BECOME A CERTIFIED NETWORK ENGINEER: Delegates attending one of our Certified Network Engineer courses benefit from a comprehensive multi-day teaching program that provides deep insight into the workings of PI protocols. Hands-on experience gained in one of our fully-equipped classrooms ensures everyone maximizes their chances of passing theoretical and practical exams held at the conclusion of each event. Successful candidates qualify as "Certified Network Engineers" and can have their names added to our published lists. Upcoming classes are:

Jun     Johnson City, TN
Jun 10th - 14th
Jul Johnson City, TN
Jul 22nd - 26th
Aug Johnson City, TN
Aug 12th - 16th
Sep     Johnson City, TN
Sep 9th - 13th
Nov Johnson City, TN
Nov 4th - 8th
Dec     Johnson City, TN
Dec 2nd - 6th

On-site classes can be arranged. Contact the PI North America office, or EMAIL US.
You can monitor our 2013 PROGRAM HERE.

GROUNDBREAKING MOVE: Balluff Inc. broke ground on its new facility in Florence, Kentucky in April. The Governor of Kentucky, Steve Beshear attended the opening ceremony, along with other community and company officials. Said Gov. Beshear, pictured extreme left with Kent Howard, President of Balluff, Inc.: "We're proud to have Balluff's U.S. headquarters in Kentucky, and especially happy to see the company continue to expand, adding new jobs and investing $6 million in the Commonwealth." The 48,000 square-foot building is expected to be completed in March 2014 and will be a state-of-the art customer support, training, and sales and marketing center. Balluff is expected to add 60-100 jobs (local and across the country) over the next five years. "Balluff is working hard to help keep jobs in America," adds Howard, "by helping to make US manufacturing the most productive in the world!" BALLUFF.

PARTNERSHIP SUPPORTS PROFIsafe INTEGRATION: Hilscher and MESCO Engineering have entered into a long-term partnership to help OEMs develop safety products based on PROFIsafe. The integration of safe communication into products has become a critical issue for many vendors. The new partnership fuses safety design and expertise with data communications to create a standardized design and development process that can quickly and easily create new safety products. Customers have direct access to advanced tools to develop functional safety products more cost efficiently. The partnership includes expertise in the design process which is essential to obtaining Functional Safety Certification. In addition, it includes assistance with IEC 61508 certification and manufacturing. or 630-505-5301. HILSCHER.

CONDITIONING MONITORING WITH PROFIBUS: Only available from PROFI-TV ... your automation innovation station ... is a new video showing how PROFIBUS can help monitor the condition of devices and processes. Don't miss it! It's at a cinema near you now.

PI North America attended the recent Automation Conference in Chicago. Or was it the Infrastructure Conference? asked Carl Henning in PROFIblog afterwards.  No, it definitely was The Automation Conference, he responded "but the Industrial Ethernet panel I was on spent a lot of time talking about infrastructure."  Carl was representing PROFINET (and Industrial Ethernet protocols in general to some extent) but most of the other panelists were from vendors." PROFIblog.

Carl just passed 500 followers on Twitter. Find him here.

China: More than 75 members attended the 4th annual members' meeting held in Beijing in April. PI-China Chairman Mr. Ouyang Jinsong acknowledged the support of members in recent years. PI Chairman Karsten Schneider, visiting for the first time, introduced the latest installation node numbers. Dr. Wolfgang Stripf presented a PROFIsafe workshop. CHINA

Italy: At the SPS IPC Drive Fair, Consorzio PNI together with eight association members presented the latest technology offerings. A mega video-wall showed a variety of videos, including mini-tutorials about applications and the latest news about PROFIBUS and PROFINET. ITALY.

Australia: PI Chairman Karsten Schneider will visit in October as the inaugural keynote speaker for a series of business luncheons to be organized in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane by PROFIBUS Australia and PACE magazine. In November, PROFIBUS Australia will host "PROFIBUS EXPO", during which there will be a "Fieldbus Forum" discussion about protocols in automation.  AUSTRALIA.

STACK LIGHT IS CONFIGURED DIGITALLY: Smart Light is claimed to be the first stack light to incorporate flexible digital configuration via IO-Link. It can be connected to virtually any industrial network and can be used with a variety of IP67 distributed modular I/O products. It can be configured on the fly and can function in any of three operating modes - Stack Light Mode, Level Mode and Run Mode - and be mounted on the machine without need for long cable runs. BALLUFF.


RAPID PLATFORM FOR PROFIBUS: Innovasic has a new version of its RapID Platform Network Interface for PROFIBUS. It supports all data rates and is DP-V1 certified. It is delivered as a module or embedded design containing everything needed to participate in a PROFIBUS serial network. At the software layer, the host connects to the Unified Interface so other protocols can be used without changing the host processor hardware or software.  Hence, customers developing a PROFIBUS product can easily convert it to Industrial Ethernet.  Similarly, existing RapID Platform devices can now easily add PROFIBUS. INNOVASIC.


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