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Even more opportunities to boost your value and career prospects
PROFINET at a washing machine factory in Kentucky
How to integrate motion control quickly and easily
A controls product is certified for use in extreme environments
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Japan, UK and Saudi Arabia are featured

A PROFIBUS master/diagnostic couplet, and a USB adapter

100th EDITION OF PROFINEWS: A milestone, probably unprecedented in our industry, has been passed with the publication of the 100th issue of our sister newsletter PROFINEWS, published by the PI International Support Center in Europe. Editor Geoff Hodgkinson (left) celebrated with a special edition telling the story of PROFIBUS and PROFINET as seen through the pages of PROFINEWS over the years. Images of notable front pages were used to give a flavor of this unique automation success. Read PROFINEWS 100 here. Find back issues here. Subscribe here.

(Note: PROFINEWS North America - i.e. the one you're reading now - is also edited by Geoff, and shares some stories. However it also includes North America-related material oriented towards North American readers. Publishing frequency in 2013 has been increased to monthly as part of the PROFINET IMP - see story below).

PROFINET WASHING LINE: As introduced in the previous issue PI North America's Integrated Marketing Program (IMP) for 2013 has kicked off with the release of an important PROFINET case study from GE Appliances. The story, about PROFINET helping network the production of white goods such as washing machines, will appear as advertisements in Automation World and Control Engineering, and then feature in various PI publications including this one. Another aspect of the IMP - the new web site at - went live in January. Read the GE story BELOW.

FREE TRAINING IN PROFIBUS AND PROFINET: 2013's free training class program gets going this month with outings in Salt Lake City (PROFIBUS) and Bellevue in the Seattle area (for PROFINET). The Salt Lake class has one or two seats still unfilled so there may be room for you. Click the link below to register. There's a nice map of North America with flags marking the year-long program locations here. Classes count towards Professional Development Hours.

Feb Salt Lake City, UT Feb 5th Bellevue, WA Feb 21st
Mar Cleveland, OH Mar 7th Austin, TX Mar 21st
Apr Mount Laurel, NJ Apr 3rd Golden, CO Apr 16th
May   Pittsburgh, PA May 9th
Naperville, IL May 23rd
Jun Richmond, VA Jun 13th Irving, TX Aug 15th
Aug Rancho Cordova, CA Aug 29th  
Sep Atlanta, GA tba Raleigh, NC tba
Oct New York, NY tba Troy, MI Oct 15th
Nov Baton Rouge, LA Nov 19th Louisville, KY tba
Dec   Orlando, FL tba
  Watch this page for 2013 updates.

BECOME A CERTIFIED ENGINEER: Boost your career by becoming a Certified Engineer in the best networking technology in the world. There are even more opportunities to become Certified in 2013. The PROFI Interface Center (PIC) offers more from Johnson City, TN, while the process automation specialists in Peterborough, ON, have also ramped up their program.

Jan   Peterborough, ON
Jan 28th - Feb 1st
Mar     Johnson City, TN
Mar 25th - 29th
Apr Johnson City, TN
Apr 8th - 12th
May Johnson City, TN
May 6th - 10th
Peterborough, ON
May 7th - 10th
Jun     Johnson City, TN
Jun 10th - 14th
Jul Johnson City, TN
Jul 22nd - 26th
Aug Johnson City, TN
Aug 12th - 16th
Sep     Johnson City, TN
Sep 9th - 13th
Nov Johnson City, TN
Nov 4th - 8th
Dec     Johnson City, TN
Dec 2nd - 6th

On-site classes can be arranged. Contact the PI North America office, or email: Watch our 2013 program here.

THE APPLIANCE OF SCIENCE: PROFINET is being used as the backbone for a new lean manufacturing system producing GE's latest home laundry appliance, a high-efficiency (HE) top-loading washer. By dramatically reducing the time and cost to install new production lines at GE's 900-acre Appliance Park in Louisville, KY, PROFINET helped GE bring its innovative washer to market in time for the 2012 holiday buying season. The transformation at the Home Laundry facility is part of a $1 billion investment,, most of it at Appliance Park, to revitalize global appliance manufacturing operations. By introducing lean manufacturing principles and technologies such as PROFINET to reduce costs and improve competitiveness, GE expects to launch 11 revitalized product lines over the next few years, and in the process create more than 1,400 new jobs. Robert Frank, senior advanced manufacturing engineer (pictured), explained why PROFINET was chosen for the new HE washer production lines. READ THE FULL STORY.

PROFIdrive SOURCE CODE FOR DOWNLOAD: Deploying PROFIdrive easily and quickly is now possible using pre-certified source code developed by the PROFIdrive Community Project. The code is available free of charge from the Industrial NETworx Community, which is responsible for its maintaining. The Community also supports companies in integrating the code and provides a platform for exchanging information and experience.


PROFIdrive WHITE PAPER: Entitled "Drive and Motion with PROFINET" this new White Paper highlights the factors that make PROFINET a high-performance drive bus for automation. It describes how to increase a drive application's performance by increasing transmission rates, direct data exchange and the synchronization of clocks. It also presents the ways that PROFIdrive can interact with safety and energy management applications, and with higher level networks.  It includes details of the latest free Source Code (see story above). Migrating from PROFIBUS to PROFINET is also explained.   DOWNLOAD HERE.

EXTREMELY CERTIFIED: PROFINET IO device certification has been granted to the AC500 eXtreme Conditions product range from ABB. In addition, CI501 and CI502 modules were recently re-certified for use in eXtreme Conditions applications, for use with the upcoming AC500-S Safety PLC.  ABB.

MORE BOOKS THAN MOST: Carl Henning reckons PROFIBUS not only has more nodes in process automation than any other fieldbus, but also has more PROFIBUS books too! Read his critique of James Powell's updated tome - it's called "Catching the Process Fieldbus, An Introduction to PROFIBUS for Process Automation" - in PROFIblog here.

A MINUTE IN TIME: YouTube now has nine videos introducing PROFINET's capabilities. PI's energy management profile PROFIenergy has just been added. The videos are compressed into 60 seconds designed to be entertaining and educative. You won't find a quicker or easier way to start learning about PROFINET. MinutePROFINET.

NEW WEB SITE: Don't forget there's a dazzling new web site for PI North America here.

LINKEDIN: This continues to feature interesting automation discussions. Visit here and search on PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

Japan: Japanese PROFIBUS Organization (JPO) joined the SEMICON Fair Japan 2012, in December. It's one of the biggest semiconductor Fairs and JPO has participated since 2002. New PROFINET products from Yaskawa Electric and SMC were shown. JAPAN.

UK: The PROFIBUS Group will deliver a seminar at the WWEM show at Telford, addressing the key issues arising from the use of digital fieldbus communications technologies in the process industries, particularly water. UK

Saudi Arabia: The PICC/TC - ASM Process Automation - remains highly active, with events being held each month, mainly focused on maintenance issues and the use of various engineering tools, for PROFIBUS in particular. SAUDI ARABIA.

MASTER AND DIAGNOSTICS: isNet DiagM is a PROFIBUS DP Master/Monitor enabling up to ten PROFIBUS channels to be connected to the ifak head station isNet Lite. As well as master functionality isNet DiagM supports diagnostic functions such as error statistics, eventlog and message recording, with storage on memory card. IFAK.

USB INTERFACE FOR PROFIBUS PA: PBI -PLUS is an intelligent USB interface for PROFIBUS PA. It originated from the need to interface PROFIBUS PA devices (transmitters, controllers, sensors, actuators, drives, etc.) with PCs and laptops. It supports monitoring services, also performance and configuration management, and is ideal as an asset management tool based on FDT/DTM. SMAR.


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