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Europe's largest automation fair features PROFIdrive and PROFIenergy
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A radical re-think of PI North America's web presence has resulted in a new web site being launched. Now located at ( now redirects, but it's worth updating your bookmarks) the new site simplifies navigation and puts the most popular items right in front of the reader. All your favored content is still there. PROFIblog and the material previously separated at have been integrated in a design that is responsive to tablets and smartphones as well as PCs, for optimum usability.

LOOKING FORWARD TO 2013: With PROFIBUS still extending its lead in fieldbus markets and PROFINET now climbing up the "hockey-stick" growth curve, 2013 looks set to become a vintage year for PI's communications protocols. Now, PI North America intends to boost PROFINET's position further with a new Integrated Marketing Campaign, says Executive Director Michael Bryant. As well as the new revamp-ed web site (see above) a series of advertisements featuring PROFINET in action at sites across the continent is planned, starting with the installations at GE Appliances own plant in Louisville, KY. In addition, PROFINEWS will move to a 4-weekly cycle, more than doubling its current frequency. "We had notable successes with PROFINET in 2012, especially in the automotive industries, but we've been keeping them well hidden," says Mike. " In 2013 we will make everybody aware that PROFINET is not only the leading Industrial Ethernet in the world but that North America has become the world's second largest market for PROFINET as well!"

2013 TRAINING CLASSES ALREADY SCHEDULED: A majority of the training classes planned for 2013 are already fixed. All the usual areas are covered, although many of the venues are new. There's a nice map of North America with flags marking the locations here. The full schedule is shown below - click the links to find out more.

Feb Salt Lake City, UT Feb 5th Bellevue, WA Feb 21st
Mar Cleveland, OH Mar 7th Austin, TX Mar 21st
Apr Mount Laurel, NJ Apr 3rd Golden, CO Apr 16th
May   Pittsburgh, PA May 9th
Naperville, IL May 23rd
Jun Richmond, VA Jun 13th Irving, TX Aug 15th
Aug Rancho Cordova, CA Aug 29th  
Sep Atlanta, GA tba Raleigh, NC tba
Oct New York, NY tba Troy, MI Oct 15th
Nov Baton Rouge, LA tba Louisville, KY tba
Dec   Orlando, FL tba
  Watch this page for 2013 updates.

GET CERTIFIED IN 2013: Certified engineer classes have been growing in popularity in the past 12 months. Not only will the PROFI Interface Center (PIC) offer more from Johnson City, TN in 2013 but our process automation specialists in Peterborough, ON are also ramping up their efforts. Check out the venues and dates below or visit this page.

Jan   Peterborough, ON
Jan 28th - Feb 1st
Mar     Johnson City, TN
Mar 25th - 29th
Apr Johnson City, TN
Apr 8th - 12th
May Johnson City, TN
May 6th - 10th
Peterborough, ON
May 7th - 10th
Jun     Johnson City, TN
Jun 10th - 14th
Jul Johnson City, TN
Jul 22nd - 26th
Aug Johnson City, TN
Aug 12th - 16th
Sep     Johnson City, TN
Sep 9th - 13th
Nov Johnson City, TN
Nov 4th - 8th
Dec     Johnson City, TN
Dec 2nd - 6th

On-site classes can be arranged. Contact the PI North America office, or email: Watch for our 2013 PROGRAM HERE .

SPS/IPC/DRIVES DOMINATES EUROPEAN FAIR MARKET: Last month, PI in Germany took part in the SPS/IPC/Drives Fair in Nuremberg. The Fair attracted over 56,000 people and the PI booth covered all PI technologies, including PROFIenergy, PROFIdrive and PROFIsafe. It underlined a key PI message - these are not only world-beatering profiles but also they complement each other perfectly. Highlights included:

  • PROFIdrive on IRT: A working 3D model of a pen drawing showed how easily the PROFIdrive profile can be deployed because of the pre-certified Source Code developed by the PROFIdrive Community Project (more details.) The pen was under the control of servo drives from Jenny Science, a Swiss company, which used the Source Code to develop the system. Alois Jenny, Managing Director of Jenny Science, said: "With PROFIdrive, users can shorten their development time significantly and even make use of SIMOTION technology objects."

  • PROFIenergy saves up to 80%: Rudi S was the name of a marionette led around a garden by a robot to illustrate how PROFIenergy can save energy during non-productive periods such as lunch breaks and weekends. During a PI press conference, Chairman Karsten Schneider said that up to 80% of the energy used by large systems such as robots is consumed during non-productive periods and therefore wasted. By managing devices intelligently over PROFINET it's possible to save the wasted energy.  A video with calculations is online here. The point was underlined by Daimler's Michael Lebrecht, who talked in highly positive terms about PROFIenergy in real production environments.

There's a lot more commentary about the Fair at PROFIblog.

BLOG BUILDS: Carl Henning has been true to his word - PROFIblog is now benefiting from weekly updates on key automation topics. Recent weeks have seen Carl add many items from the SPS/IPC/Drives Fair in Germany. Catch up with PROFIblog here. Don't forget to bookmark the new address!

IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE!: The MinutePROFINET channel on YouTube now has six videos introducing PROFINET and its special features. Bumpless redundancy is a recent addition. Find MinutePROFINET here.

China: In November, PI-China exhibited at the China International Industry Fair held in Shanghai. CHINA.

Brazil: In recent months RPA Brazil has organized various technical seminars on the topics of PROFIBUS DP and PA, asset management and installing PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks. The average attendance was 60. BRAZIL.

Japan: The Japanese PROFIBUS Organization (JPO) held PROFINET open seminars in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya in September and October. A total of 260 persons participated. JAPAN.

India: The Indian PROFIBUS and PROFINET Association (IPA) participated in the Automation 2012 Expo, and launched its 7th newsletter. INDIA .

Middle East: PI Middle East has held a technical symposium on PROFIBUS in Saudi Arabia with over 100 attendees. The local PI Competence and Training Center of ASM Process Automation supported the event.  MIDDLE EAST .

UK: The PROFIBUS Group will commemorate its 20th anniversary in 2013 with a one-day conference with workshops and a table top exhibition at The Stratford Manor Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon. The Group has grown from 7 members to 70 today! UK .

REMOTE PA INDICATOR: IR303 is a PROFIBUS-PA remote Indicator which works with any PROFIBUS DP Class 1 master to display the output of remote PROFIBUS-PA devices. Up to eight cyclical variables from either one device or eight different devices can be monitored. The IR303 is distributed on the PROFIBUS PA bus and allows the user to visualize devices at easy-to-access locations.  SMAR.

ADD COMMS QUICKLY AND EASILY: The CompactCom range of network interfaces now incorporates a new processor chip - the NP40, designed for "demanding applications," especially with protocols like PROFINET and PROFINET with IRT.  The chosen protocol is downloaded into firmware. CompactCom is available in chip, brick and module versions.  HMS INDUSTRIAL NETWORKS.

3.02 PROFIBUS PA ADDED TO FIELDVUE: The FIELDVUE valve controller family now has a PROFIBUS PA positioner called DVC6200p, certified to profile 3.02.  It has analog and digital output function blocks. Alerts, trends, and diagnostics are available. Set-up and calibration is performed locally while more extensive parameterization uses tools such as PDM.  EMERSON PROCESS MANAGEMENT.

PROFINET STACKS UPDATED FOR REDUNDANCY: The new release 3.7 from KW supports PROFINET system redundancy for the special requirements of process automation. They enable the independent scaling of redundancy for every single level. Controls, network and I/O devices can be configured for according to needs and enable bumpless reconfiguration during production. KW SOFTWARE.

PRODUCTS CERTIFIED: PROFINET IO device certification has been granted to the AC500 eXtreme Conditions product range from ABB. In addition, CI501 and CI502 modules were recently re-certified for use in eXtreme Conditions applications, for use with the upcoming AC500-S Safety PLC.  ABB.

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