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NEW COMPUTING PLATFORM USES PROFINET: PACSystems RXi IS a "revolutionary" new control and computing platform designed for the needs of the Industrial Internet. It uses redundant PROFINET interfaces to support high performance, high uptime communications.  Based on leading-edge computing and network technology, and supported by an emerging ecosystem of cloud-based tools, RXi helps customers gain productivity benefits from machine-to-machine connections and the skill sets of a digital workforce.  GE INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS.

PROTECTED CABLING: This new Multiport distribution concept facilitates interference-free data cabling using PROFINET or Ethernet. It combines data and power interfaces and has seamless shielding to prevent interference in high-EMC areas such as near welding robots and conveyor systems. The push-pull connector ensures quickly assembly and IDC technology is used.  PHOENIX CONTACT.

I/O RECOGNIZES PROTOCOL AUTOMATICALLY: Turck's Multiprotocol technology for Distributed I/O allows users to employ one device for three Ethernet protocols including PROFINET. On power-up, the device recognizes the protocol available to the network making for much easier integration with host control systems. It operates consistently across all TURCK distributed I/O product families and can be applied in any application that uses a host with PROFINET. TURCK.

PROFINET ABSOLUTE ENCODERS: Intelligent diagnostic functions and rapid data transfer are key features of the AFS/AFM60 PROFINET absolute encoders for high-precision measurement of position and speed. They include comprehensive diagnostic functions to increase network reliability. Various configuration options are included to enable customized adjustments. SICK.

CERTIFIED SILICON SOLUTION FOR PROFIBUS: Freescale and TMG TE have successfully certified their first joint PROFIBUS reference design through the ComDeC PI Test Laboratory. The solution integrates the commercially-available TMG PROFIBUS DP slave stack with Freescale Layer 2 PROFIBUS microcode on a QorIQ P1025 multicore processor. This enables a single device to run control applications plus PROFIBUS and PROFINET protocols without a separate ASIC or FPGA. The Freescale PROFIBUS reference platform is included with the TWR-P1205-KIT.

PROFIBUS REPEATER HUB: The RHP303  is a modular repeater for PROFIBUS networks and systems. It's ideal for dense networks and can increase the distance of cabling by up to 1200m per channel and the number of devices up to 32 per segment. It allows for the deployment of hybrid topologies too, including spurs and tree/star. Unlimited repeaters can be connected together in series or cascade. SMAR.

ETHERNET INTERFACE CHIP: This new and improved version of the RapID Platform Network Interface for Industrial Ethernet connectivity has been certified for PROFINET Class B and is ready to ship. Multiple Ethernet protocols are supported without changing hardware or software so communication remains the same regardless of protocol. It incorporates PriorityChannel to eliminate the effects of network traffic and loading and is available as a module or as an embedded design.  INNOVASIC.

ADD NETWORKING EASILY: The netJACK interface family enables PROFIBUS or PROFINET slave and master functionality to be added easily using an interchangeable module.  Integration is easier and less costly than with similar solutions. Configuring for a particular protocol is just a matter of inserting the right module, which can include added functions such as control and visualization. HILSCHER.

ANYBUS EXTENDED: HMS has extended the connectivity of its Anybus-X gateway family to cover PROFINET IRT (Isochronous Real Time) for both copper cabling and fiber optics. By using an Anybus X-gateway, plant owners can keep existing equipment and simply connect it to PROFINET IRT networks. This maximizes the investment in current machinery and speeds up the migration to PROFINET. HMS INDUSTRIAL NETWORKS.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING MOVED: The venue for the 2012 PI North America General Assembly Meeting on September 25 - 27 has been moved to the JW Marriott Desert Ridge, Phoenix, AZ, due to building works at the usual venue. Says co-organizer Carl Henning: "PROFINET can do most things but re-building a hotel on-time proved impossible. However, it'll be "business as usual" at our new location."

TRAINING CLASS SCHEDULES: If you want to learn about PROFIBUS and/or PROFINET then you can't beat these FREE one-day events. PI North America evangelizers will likely be visiting a venue near you sooner or later. So, book early, as seats get filled quickly. We currently include a section on transitioning from PROFIBUS to PROFINET, to meet the needs of engineers who want to upgrade but wonder how it impacts existing PROFIBUS equipment. With PROFINET the answer is easy: just integrate it! The remainder of the 2012 program is confirmed as:

Aug Dayton, OH Aug 28 Portland, OR Aug 7
Secaucus, NJ Aug 21
Sept Seattle, WA Sept 20 Chattanooga, TN Sept 11
Oct Memphis, TN Oct 9 Minneapolis, MN Oct 25
Nov   Los Angeles, CA Nov 13th
Dec   Baltimore, MD Dec 6th
  Watch this page for updates.

CERTRIFIED TRAININGEXTRA CERTIFIED NETWORK ENGINEER CLASS: Because PROFINET Certified Network Engineer classes for the rest of 2012 are full (or nearly so), we have added an additional class. It's in Johnson City, TN as usual, but at the ITT Technical Institute. There's a new opportunity too to become PA certified. Boost your career! Become an accredited "Certified Engineer". The confirmed class list is:

Sept     Johnson City, TN
September 17-21
Nov Johnson, City, TN
November 5-9
Peterborough, ON
Nov 13-16
Johnson City, TN
November 12-16
Dec     Johnson City, TN
December 3-7

On-site classes can be arranged. Contact the PI North America office, or email:

FDI TO UNIFY FDT AND EDDL: One year ago five major automation Foundations – the FDT Group, Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communication Foundation, PROFIBUS and PROFINET International, and OPC Foundation - signed agreements to form the “FDI Cooperation”. The mandate was to develop a single, cross-protocol device integration technology (FDI) for the management of intelligent field devices plant-wide. Thanks to unprecedented cooperation between the five Foundations and major suppliers such as ABB, Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Honeywell, Invensys, Siemens and Yokogawa this goal is now within reach. With FDI, one tool spans multi-platforms and multi-protocols to manage intelligent field devices during all life cycle phases, from configuration, commissioning, and diagnostics to calibration. But what has this to do with you and why should PI members and users get involved? Well, if you are building a PROFIBUS PA device today you need to think about deploying one, or even both, of two device management options - FDT and EDDL.  System vendors, designers and end users also face this choice. As a result interoperability, support and cost issues must be confronted by both sides. FDI combines the best of each technology in a single, unified solution. The benefits are obvious. Find more at

PROFIsafe CERTIFIED DESIGNER COURSE: Being qualified to handle PROFIsafe is mandatory so becoming certified is important. The next opportunity is in October in Karlsruhe, Germany. Developed in cooperation with TÜV it's open to PI members and employees and includes written tests. Successful candidates receive a “Certified PROFIsafe Designer” certificate. The course is in English. MORE INFORMATION.

ALL THINGS PROFINET! For all things PROFINET you can't beat our special web site covering well ... all things PROFINET, for designers, developers and end users. Guess what it's called? Right: "ALL THINGS PROFINET"!

IT'S FUDDIE-DUDDIE TIME AGAIN: Carl Henning's PROFIblog has spotted more writers being economical with the truth about PROFINET! In a new blog entitled The EtherNet/IP FUD-sicle – Melted Again he explains the reality behind claims that PROFINET can't do ... we won't go on - it's just too painful. Read Carl's modern busting of some tired old myths! There's lots of other automation comment too. PROFIblog.

IT ONLY TAKES A MINUTE FOR THE FASTEST APPLICATIONS: The MinutePROFINET channel on YouTube has a new video explaining in 60 seconds (more or less) how PROFINET now achieves cycle times down to 31.25µS. That's FAAAAAAAaaaaast. And, like every aspect of PROFINET, it's fully Ethernet-compliant, despite what the fuddie-duddies say. HOW'S IT DONE?

IS 4-20mA MORE ROBUST THAN FIELDBUS? A lively thread, started three months ago in the LinkedIn PROFIBUS and PROFINET group, sprang from this simple question. It generated many insightful responses including this assertion: "4-20mA's reputation for robustness is because most problems are undetected!" FOLLOW THE THREAD HERE.

I AM PROFINET: The sheer breadth of support for PROFINET makes this short, simple film a powerful statement piece. EGO PROFINET.

South Africa: The PROFIBUS Training Center of South Africa has been delivering training sessions in neighboring countries Namibia and Botswana as well as holding local events IDXONLINE.

UK: The PROFIBUS Group celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2013. A Conference with Workshops and Table Tops is planned for June 2013.  Speakers are sought. CALL FOR PAPERS.

South East Asia: The PROFIBUS/PROFINET Association South East Asia has conducted a PROFIBUS/PROFINET Seminar in Singapore attended by 150 people. Its new PROFINET multivendor demo was debuted. SOUTH EAST ASIA.

China: In July, the first ever PROFINET R&D workshop took place in Beijing, attracting 18 engineers wanting to develop PROFINET products. Road Shows for PROFINET continue.  CHINA.

France: In October, France PROFIBUS-PROFINET is organizing "Technical Days" at CERN and ESIGELEC. Attendees get to visit the facilities as well as listen to presentations on PROFINET and PROFIBUS topics. FRANCE.

Ireland: PROFIBUS Ireland, in co-operation with partners, hosted an “International Workshop on Industrial Communications” on September 7th, featuring PROFINET, PROFIBUS, diagnostics, Wireless HART, and related topics.  IRELAND.

Switzerland: PI Switzerland celebrated its 20th anniversary with a big party at the SINDEX Fair in Berne - the location where Switzerland became the first Regional PROFIBUS Association (RPA) outside of Germany. SWITZERLAND.

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