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50+ members meet in Scottsdale, AZ, for an automotive extravaganza
Executive Director attends Spanish RPA's opening session
FDI is Incorporated
2011 program nears its end; 2012 close to being finalized
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A new video about PROFINET, two new White Papers for download ... and more.
Middle East, South East Asia, Japan and Australia
Freescale Semiconductor demo at SPS, Siemens' PA classes, Dunkermotoren White Paper,
new North American offices for Harting and Trebing+Himstedt
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Fast Track Switches, Distributed I/O, PC PROFINET Controller, New GSD Editor,
PROFINET via DSL, Scope and Bus Monitor in Repeater

FOCUSING ON AUTOMOTIVE: The 2011 General Assembly Meeting (GAM) held in October, attracted 50+ delegates and featured 'automotive' as its theme. The end user experiences of car manufacturers VW and Chrysler were the main topic of Day 2, with presentations on the CArS strategy now being jointly adopted by Fiat and Chrysler, and the new VW facility at Puebla in Mexico. Both plants use PROFINET extensively for control, safety and enterprise integration. Executive Director Michael Bryant (shown above addressing the introductory session) told the meeting that PROFINET adoption was accelerating in North America. A report of the meeting is HERE.

BRYANT SUPPORTS OPENING SESSION OF SPANISH RPA: The opening session of the new Spanish Association PROFIBUS/PROFINET was held in October attended by more than one hundred representatives of leading technology companies. Siemens, ABB, Logitek, Phoenix Contact, Harting Iberia, SMC, Endress Hauser and Pepperl Fuchs were founders of the association in 2010. Guests of Honor included Susan Tintoré (right), Director of Investments Catalonia Generalitat de Catalunya and Michael Bryant, Executive Director of PI North America and Deputy Chairman of PI (second left). Tintoré highlighted automation as an essential element of the country's technological growth. "The creation of this association is very interesting, since these are competing companies working together to be better," she said. Bryant reviewed the benefits that PI standards has brought in the 27 regions where PI has representation. MORE WORLD NEWS .

UNIFIED INTEGRATION TECHNOLOGY LAUNCH: Five automation foundations have come together to form a company dedicated to a single solution for field device integration (FDI).   FDI Cooperation, LLC has been set up by the FDT Group, Fieldbus Foundation, HART Communications Foundation, PI, and the OPC Foundation. FDI Cooperation LLC will be headed by a “Board of Managers” comprising representatives of each foundation and managers from automation suppliers ABB, Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Honeywell, Invensys, Siemens, and Yokogawa. Hans-Georg Kumpfmüller of Siemens will be Chairman of the Board. Achim Laubenstein of ABB has been nominated as Executive Director.  More from +49 (721) 595 56 76 or FDI COOPERATION

FREE TRAINING CLASSES: PI North America 2011 Training Classes for PROFIBUS and PROFINET are now reaching their conclusion, with average attendances during 2011 having exceeded 90 per class. Only two classes remain (see table below). The 2012 program is in the planning stage now.and a provisional list of venues is also shown below. Watch the web for details by MONITORING THIS PAGE .

November   Chicago Nov 29
December San Diego Dec 13
January   El Paso, TX Jan 24
February Dallas, TX Birmingham, AL Feb 14
March Greenville, SC Mar 29 Atlanta, GA
April   St Louis, MO Apr 12
May Milwaukee, WI Detroit, MI May 16
June Boston, MA NYC, NY
July Kansas City, MO Indianapolis, IN Jul 12
Aug Dayton, OH Portland, OR
Sept Seattle, WA Chattanooga, TN
Oct Memphis, TN Minneapolis, MN
Nov   Baltimore, MD
Dec   Long Beach, CA

NB: A PROFINET class will be held in Montreal on a date to be determined.

Recent classes have been over-subscribed, so the advice for 2012 is: book early!

2012 CERTIFIED NETWORK TRAINING CLASS PROGRAM ANNOUNCED: PI North America and PROFI Interface Center have announced the 2012 program of Certified Network Engineer classes. Beginning in 2012, PROFIBUS PA classes will also be held at the new Siemens PI Training Center in Peterborough, ON, Canada. This is the 12th year of these fee-based classes. They result in certification of the students who pass the theoretical and practical exams. The class list is shown below: (Those marked with an * are held at Peterborough, ON. The remainder are held at the PROFI Interface Center in Johnson City, TN.)

  January 24*  
March 5 March 26
May 14 June 11th
August 13 September 17
November 5
December 3rd

On-site classes are increasingly popular. Companies desiring this more 'personal service' are invited to contact the PI North America office, or email:


  • Just released is a video called: I Am PROFINET.
  • New White Paper 1:"Assessing PROFIenergy's Potential", which answers the question: "How can an auto plant save over $1,000,000 per year by using PROFIenergy?" Find it here
  • New White Paper 2: "Five Criteria for choosing an Industrial Ethernet" which lays out what users should consider before choosing an Industrial Ethernet.  Find it here.
  • The PI North America Web Site is growing in popularity. Figures released at the GAM show that growth is between 10-15% per annum.
  • All Things PROFINET, the dedicated site for PROFINET, now includes Device Developer material to help vendors integrate PROFINET in their devices. It also shows who can help with the many options for PROFINET integration (chips, boards, software and hardware). The site is being added to continuously, so keep visiting.

MIDDLE EAST: A fresh batch of Certified PROFIBUS Engineers has been announced in Dubai. A four-day course was attended by students from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, plus Denmark! Dennis Van Booma of PROCENTEC conducted the classes, with Ammar Atta from the Saudi Arabian PICC. SOUTH EAST ASIA: The PROFIBUS/PROFINET Association South East Asia recently conducted a three-day seminar in Manila, Philippines, (above) alongside the IATEX Exhibition and in cooperation with the Philippine Instrumentation and Control Society (PICS). It attracted 500 participants. JAPAN: Japanese PROFIBUS Organization (JPO) has translated the latest PROFINET System Description into Japanese. It's available on the JPO web page. JPO expects more PROFINET products in the next 12 months from Japanese vendors. AUSTRALIA: The PROFIBUS Association of Australia (PAA) elected a new Committee at its recent AGM. Chairman Rafael Koenig of Tyco Flow Control Pacific takes over from founding Chairman John Immelman (right) who held the post from the PAA's inception in 2004.

FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR: Freescale Semiconductor and TMG GmbH will demonstrate the TMG PROFIBUS DP stack on an MPC8309 PowerQUICC processor at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES exhibition in Nuremberg, Nov 22-24, 2011. This chip offers extensive connectivity (e.g. PROFIBUS, Ethernet, PCI, USB) with an 835 DMIPS core performance, double-precision floating point and ECC protected DRAM for critical control applications. Freescale will be on the PI booth (Hall 6, Booth 210). If you visit there's a chance to win a rapid prototyping kit.

SIEMENS: Siemens Peterborough SC PI Learning Center is now offering PROFIBUS PA Certified Engineer training courses from their Peterborough, ON, Canada, base. Course details and registration information.

HARTING: HARTING has opened an office in Canada at Saint-Laurent, QC. "Now that we have boots on the ground," says Mr. Rolf Meyer, President and CEO of HARTING, Inc. of North America, "we want to persuade the Canadian market to see HARTING in a different light - not only as a leading innovator and brand, but also as a local partner that delivers the best value proposition: quality, price, reliability, and longevity." HARTING.

TREBING+HIMSTEDT: T+H will open a sales and support subsidiary in the United States on January 1, 2012. Victor Wolowec has been named General Manager of US Operations. He brings a broad range of sales and marketing experience in the industrial automation market and a vast amount of operations and logistics knowledge. That's Victor Wolowec (right) with Steffen Himstedt, sealing their cooperation at this year's PI General Assembly Meeting. T+H.

DUNKERMOTOREN: A new White Paper has been published explaining the seven integrated servo motor and drive combinations available. They range from simple commutation electronics to fieldbus distributed control arrangements such as PROFIBUS. Motors with integrated master electronics requireing no higher level controller are also described. Integrated electronics increases reliability and dramatically reduces panel space. The new White Paper is called "Why Pay for More Than You Need?".

ARE YOU PART OF OF PI's ONLINE COMMUNITIES? Various PROFINET and PROFIBUS communities are active online, including:

  • LinkedIn PROFINET Group  which has 350 members and is a useful source for learning and information exchange.

  • PROFIblog is another useful source of what's happening in automation. Carl Henning, Deputy Director of PI North America, leads this resource.

  • Carl also Tweets: follow him @CHenning.

  • PROFITV can be found here.

FAST TRACK SWITCHES: The Fast Track Switch family now boasts three members. The FTS 3100s-A combines Fast Track Switching functionality with simple operation using a free software tool which allows the speed, duplex settings and mirroring to be defined per port. A preset PROFINET profile is included. The switch recognizes this and accelerates traffic in cut-through mode, allowing it to overtake non-automation protocols. HARTING

DISTRIBUTED I/O: Using IO-Link, Balluff's new distributed modular I/O can replace standard slice I/O and distributed I/O solutions. In lieu of a backplane, each I/O device is connected to an M12 port using 3-conductor cables. Up to 4 slave devices can be connected to each master block, which uses PROFINET network to connect to the the controller. I/O can be connected within a 20 meter radius from a master. IO-Link is fieldbus independent and vendor neutral. All types of I/O are available. BALLUFF.

PC PROFINETCONTROLLER: This PROFIsafe safety controller complies with safety categories SIL 3 (EN ISO 61508), SIL CL 3 (EN ISO 62061), PLe/Cat. 4 (EN ISO 13849), and Cat. 4 (EN 954). It's programmed using the Safetyprog tool, which can be integrated into a PC Worx engineering environment. A simulation mode permits comprehensive testing before download. The controller has Ethernet and Interbus interfaces and can operate as a PROFIsafe PLC or as a PROFINET IO device. Up to 170 PROFIsafe devices can be connected. PHOENIX CONTACT.

NEW GSD EDITOR: A new GSD (General Station Description) Editor is available for download by PI members. It's a 32-bit MS Windows application which provides an easy-to-use interface for creating, editing and checking GSD files for PROFIBUS DP devices. The editor is based on the PROFIBUS Device Description and Device Integration, Volume 1: GSD Revision 5.1 specification and was developed by ifak in Magdeburg, Germany. Members can download it HERE.

PROFIBUS via DSL: This PROFIBUS Extender is a DSL modem that allows networks to be extended over old copper wires at speeds of up to 1.5 MBit/s. Distances of several kilometers can be covered, in point-to-point, line and star structures. Mixed operation using copper and optical fiber is also possible. Two configurable digital outputs are available for alarm generation. The device has integrated diagnostic functions and a logbook. It's named PSI-MODEM-SHDSL/PB (2313656). PHOENIX CONTACT.




SCOPE AND BUSMONITOR IN REPEATER: COMbricks modular repeaters have been equipped with an advanced oscilloscope to measure the signal quality of PROFIBUS telegrams. With this an engineer can sit behind his desk and remotely inspect the condition of his PROFIBUS networks. The price is almost identical to that of a regular repeater and yet it has the capability to monitor 4 networks at once. Procentec claims this as a 'first'. PROCENTEC.

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