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The official email newsletter of the PROFIBUS Trade Organization Issue 4 Sept 2005





... news of more PROFINET applications is emerging. Washing Machines, Gravel Extraction and Printing Presses are among the latest to be aired.

... more than 13 million PROFIBUS devices are in use today in process and factory automation - it's the largest fieldbus community ever!

Road Shows Roll On!
The Object-Oriented Route to Industrial Automation
General Assembly Meeting Success
PIC helps with PROFINET
Start using PROFINET with these development kits
PROFIBUS Installation Guide resists plants!
10th Anniversary for PIC

A New Fieldbus Name in North America

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PTO People

A High 5 of PROFIBUS Newbies! New products, that is

FREE SEMINARS: Previously unannounced PROFINET seminars were held in Cleveland and Montreal.  We hope you didn't miss them.  Grand Rapids was added for next week.  Continue to watch the web site for the latest additions!

The PROFIBUS in the Process Industries seminars concluded a week ago with the Los Angeles seminar.  Be sure to watch for the 2006 schedule.

The PROFIBUS seminars conclude in November in Salt Lake City.  Don't miss the last opportunity in 2005!

The ISA EXPO show is scheduled for October 25-27 in Chicago. Plan to stop by the PTO Booth for the latest insight on PROFIBUS and PROFINET - we are right by the main entrance.  PTO members: apply for space in the booth here.

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THE OBJECT ORIENTED ROUTE TO INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION: Read how one user leveraged PROFINET to "componentize" their equipment into manageable modules. Read the story online.



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General Assembly Meeting Success: The PROFIBUS Trade Organization held its annual General Assembly meeting in Scottsdale, AZ, in August 2005. Attended by more than 60 delegates from vendor companies, users, distributors, integrators and the PROFIBUS Interface Center (PIC) in Johnson City. The meeting was hailed as a great success. The PROFIBUS Trade Organization is shortly to be renamed 'PTO' to reflect its increasing emphasis on PROFINET as well as PROFIBUS.

(2) Harry Forbes of ARC

Harry Forbes of ARC

The meeting included a keynote address on Day 1 from Todd Lucey of Endress + Hauser. Day 2 opened with an appraisal of Industrial Ethernet markets by ARC's Harry Forbes.

Also included were technology and marketing updates, and PI Chairman Edgar Küster explained more about global activities, particularly in the Far East. A new North American web site for USA, Canada and Mexico was demonstrated.

(3) Scott Haulsee of the TVA

Scott Haulsee of the TVA

End user presentations were given by Scott Haulsee of the Tennessee Valley Authority and Dave Diebert of Air Products.

On the two days prior to the GA, PROFINET IO Classes were held by the PIC for device integrators.














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PIC helps with PROFINET: The PROFIBUS Interface Center (PIC) is now becoming fully involved in promoting and supporting PROFINET technology in North America. Since four of the leading automotive manufacturers in Europe, members of AIDA - the Automation Initiative of Domestic German Automobile Manufacturers - have publicly announced the adoption of PROFINET, we are beginning to see a great deal of interest here in the US from both end users and device vendors. PROFINET is shaping up to truly be an "international Ethernet solution for automation". It's kind of astounding, really, to find that the 27-page brochure "PROFINET Technology and Application - System Description" is available in 7 different languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Polish and Swedish.

In case you're interested in checking your foreign language proficiency, these documents can all be found at

Not only is the PIC an accredited PNCC (PROFINET COMPETENCE CENTER), we are also now one of 3 PROFINET device certification test labs in the world. We can support you in the development of a PROFINET interface on your product as well as provide certification testing support.

You should know that ALL PROFINET DEVICES MUST BE CERTIFIED to be called a PROFINET product!

The PROFINET certification tests were developed by PROFIBUS International so that all PROFINET test labs can follow the same test procedures and guarantee the functionality of the devices. The PROFIBUS tests were developed with the same philosophy in mind and have served the PROFIBUS vendor community well over the years. We expect that the PROFINET certification tests will do the same for the PROFINET vendor community!









PROFIBUS Interface Center






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Start using PROFINET with these development kits:

The CP 1616 with the DK-16xx PROFINET IO Development Kit. The CP1616 is a PCI module for connecting PCs to Industrial Ethernet at 10/100 Mbit/s. It provides high-performance support for PC-based control tasks, e.g., Numeric Control or Robot Control. The CP 1616 can be operated as a PROFINET IO Controller or PROFINET IO Device that stores the process I/O image (input and output data) in memory. The CP 1616 handles high-speed data exchange with the IO devices autonomously. It supports the features of PROFINET IO for RT (Real Time) and IRT (Isochronous Real Time - available soon). In line with industrial requirements, the 4-port real-time switch permits the construction of line topologies as well as star topologies and reduces or eliminates the need for external switch components. If the supply voltage is provided by a separate external source, the switch function is also available when the PC is switched off. The configuration of the CP 1616 is performed with STEP 7/ NCM PC V5.3 SP2 and higher. NCM PC is already included if you purchase the module. The order number of the CP 1616 is 6GK1161-6AA00.

ERTEC 400 Development Kit. The ERTEC 400 Development Kit is for the development of PROFINET devices with an integral real-time switch, such as IO controllers, IO field devices, drives, etc. This development kit makes PROFINET technology based on the ERTEC 400 accessible to device manufacturers and users. The current version V1.0 of the development kit supports the PROFINET Real-Time features (RT). A later version of the development kit will also support Isochronous Real-Time (IRT). The comprehensive and matching range of hardware and software components considerably reduces the development work for PROFINET IO devices. In the current version, the development kit can be used in conjunction with the operating system VxWorks 5.5.1 of the Wind River company. The development kit includes an installation CD-ROM, and the user can obtain a 30-day evaluation license from Wind River. After the evaluation period, a full version license can be purchased directly from Wind River at special pricing. This full version also includes the runtime license fees for ERTEC-based PROFINET devices. No additional runtime license fees for VxWorks are required. The ERTEC 400 Development Kit includes a development license entitling the user to develop and test PROFINET IO devices based on the ERTEC 400 ASIC. Each product line requires a separate license. Production licenses can be obtained by ordering a PROFINET IO Development Kit for each product line.

ERTEC 400 Real-Time Ethernet ASIC. The ERTEC (Enhanced Real-Time Ethernet Controller) 400 is an ASIC that is particularly suitable for the development of a PROFINET IO connection. The most important hardware components of the ERTEC 400 are:

 • Integrated 4-port switch

 • PCI bridge

 • ARM 946 ES processor


The ERTEC 400 provides hardware support for the PROFINET IO communication for both Real-Time (RT) and Isochronous Real-Time (IRT). The user benefits of the ERTEC 400 are:

 • High-performance PROFINET IO communication

 • Switch integration

 • Powerful ARM CPU for communication and application



















Supported by PROFIBUS Interface Center













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PROFIBUS Installation Guide resists plants! This new installation guide is a 'must have' for all PROFIBUS engineers. It's made of water- and oil-resistant paper for plant-wide use. Purchase it here. It's available FREE to PTO members.


Download it here.







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10th Anniversary for PIC: The PROFIBUS Interface Center started in 1995 and has been staffed by many who are still active in PROFIBUS and PROFINET.  For a short history, download the PIC Connection newsletter - the first page names all those folks... and this curious looking fellow, too...





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A NEW FIELDBUS NAME IN NORTH AMERICA: A Board of Directors Meeting held during the PTO General Assembly meeting saw the PROFIBUS Trade Organization change its name to better reflect the confluence of PROFIBUS and PROFINET.  After briefly considering re-naming it to the ProfiBusNetDriveSafe Trade Organization, calmer heads prevailed.  Having long been called just PTO anyway, just PTO it is now ... officially!



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PTO PEOPLE: Filomena Wardzel, Automation Solutions Manager, Siemens Energy & Automation, has been appointed to the board of directors of the PROFIBUS Trade Organization (PTO).

Wardzel joined Siemens Energy & Automation in 2000 and oversees the company’s go-to-market strategies for its Automation Solutions Business. She holds a bachelor of science degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and an MBA from the State University of New York at Albany.

Siemens participation on the PTO Board demonstrates our commitment to advancing this standardized, open network,” Wardzel said. “We will continue to look for new and innovative ways to bring this technology to our manufacturing and process control customers worldwide.”

Wardzel's appointment continues Siemens presence on the PTO board that was previously filled by Tom Kopanski, vice president of Siemens Automation and Motion Division.

Carl Henning was recently promoted to Deputy Director of the PTO.  Carl joined the PTO this year as Director of PROFINET Marketing.  PROFINET will remain his primary focus.  Henning had served on the PTO Board of Directors from the PTO's inception in 1994 through 2000.  He has a BSEE degree and extensive industrial automation experience with Wonderware, Eurotherm, and system integrators.











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Connect Allen-Bradley and PROFIBUS.

ProSoft Technology’s new PROFIBUS DP module for Allen-Bradley’s ControlLogix platform provides a user-friendly connectivity solution for ControlLogix users to connect to PROFIBUS DP slaves. The module acts as a PROFIBUS network scanner, providing high-speed transfer of Input and Output data between PROFIBUS devices and the ControlLogix memory table over the backplane.

Display PROFIBUS data on a marquee.

EZAutomation introduces EZMarquee with PROFIBUS connectivity. EZMarquees starting at $349 provides cost effective way for plant-wide communication. EZMarquees with 2”-8” bright LED characters is viewable at a distance of 50-200’. The marquee provides an excellent way for displaying productivity and safety information keeping workers and management in touch with the manufacturing process. EZMarquees are available in Red as well as in Tricolor models.

PROFINET Security. Siemens releases comprehensive security solution for the use in industrial applications. The new Scalance security module controls the data traffic between internal and external networks, protecting automation cells from unauthorized access and unnecessary communication load. The Scalance Security Modules are complaint with the PROFINET Security Guideline.

PROFIBUS NICs. Woodhead Industries, Inc. has announced the release of its 3rd Generation PROFIBUS Network Interface Cards (NICs) and Software Tools. The Woodhead PB3 solution includes software tools and features designed to provide easy access to PROFIBUS DP-V0 and DP-V1 protocols. It is based on the high performance SST™ PROFIBUS Generation III network interface cards. Bus formats currently supported include Universal PCI (3.3V/5V), ISA, PC/104 and VMEbus. Applications include connecting your operator interface or HMI/SCADA software to PROFIBUS, PC Control, network commissioning, trouble-shooting / diagnostics and device development.

PROFICAPTAIN. The PROFIBUS Captain (ProfiCaptain) is a powerful USB tool for END USERs to configure and find on-line problems with PROFIBUS. The ProfiCaptain is a PC based PROFIBUS DP Master. It is designed for use during configuration and on-line debugging of I/O systems. ProfiCaptain uses the same hardware as ProfiTrace, so if you already have a ProfiTrace, you only need the software upgrade CD.



More Info on ProSoft device




More Info on Marquee




More Info on Scalence




More Info on PB3





More Info on ProfiCaptain


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