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BERNIE ANGER OF GE INTELLIGENT PLATFORMS JOINS PI NORTH AMERICA BOARD: Bernie Anger, General Manager Control and Communication Systems for GE Intelligent Platforms, has been elected to the Board of Directors of PI North America. The appointment follows GE Intelligent Platforms' commitment to use PROFINET as the backbone network of its next generation PACSystems controller architecture. Michael Bryant, Executive Director of PI North America, said he was delighted. "Having Bernie on the Board means GE can now play a big role in determining our strategic direction in the USA and Canada. There's no doubt that the expertise and leadership he brings, together with the market impact that GE Intelligent Platforms will make, can accelerate progress in North America and globally." Anger added: "One of the reasons we chose PROFINET was that it is an open protocol developed collectively by major global players. PROFINET via real time Ethernet will allow deeper focus on customer solution specific needs."

PI NORTH AMERICA WELCOMES MICHAEL J BOWNE: Michael J Bowne has joined PI North America as our new Director of Technology Marketing. Michael was previously with sensor company FRABA where he gained experience with PROFIBUS and PROFINET, and he also attended our General Assembly Meeting last August so he's well up to speed on our markets. Michael's main role will be to support the PROFIBUS training class program and he'll be out on the road helping those events run smoothly while meeting members and users. He'll also be playing a part in our 2011 GAM in September. One of his goals is to develop PI North America's Social Networking channels, particularly with videos on YouTube. "Videos can convey a large amount of information very quickly to viewers spanning a wide range of technical competencies, so I'll be embedding them into our PROFINET web site 'All Things PROFINET' soon," he says. Welcome Michael.

UPDATES FROM HANNOVER FAIR: News stories announced at the fair in April included:

  • Node numbers grow: Audited figures show that 900,000 PROFINET devices were added in 2010! This was nearly twice the number added in 2009 and brings the total installed base to 3 million. "Considering the economic climate, this is a significant achievement," said Michael Bryant, Executive Director of PI North America. "The completion of the 'PROFINET for Process Automation' profile announced recently is a further step towards a uniform communication concept for the process and manufacturing industries, and that opens up even more opportunities for PROFINET." The number of PROFIBUS nodes increased by 4.2 million to a total of 35.6 million. "Considering the accelerating growth of PROFINET, the PROFIBUS figures are astonishing," said Bryant. Six million PROFIBUS nodes are now used in process automation. In functional safety, 300,000 PROFIsafe nodes were added in 2010 bringing the total to 1.15 million and making PROFIsafe the unchallenged leader in networked safety.
  • Booth cooperation : PI Joined forces with the FDT Group, the Fieldbus Foundation and the HART Communication Foundation in hosting the first-ever co-sponsored Field Communication Lounge. This provided a display area divided into four separate sections, one for each group, plus a common hospitality and theater area, reducing costs and making things more convenient for visitors and vendors alike. PI showed all its technologies, including PROFINET, PROFIBUS, PROFIenergy, PROFIsafe and IO-Link.
  • INTERBUS integrated: The INTERBUS Club and PI have agreed to integrate INTERBUS - the world's second most popular fieldbus after PROFIBUS - into the PI organization. The INTERBUS Club had previously decided on PROFINET for its Industrial Ethernet standard and, since INTERBUS is now a fully developed technology, INTERBUS Club members felt they had achieved their mission. Over 13 million INTERBUS nodes are thought to be in use worldwide.
  • TIGER Kit Certified: The new Tiger TPS-1 ASIC Development Kit from Phoenix Contact, which supports low cost implement of PROFINET IO devices, was awarded full PROFINET certification.

PROFIenergy SAVINGS CONFIRMED: A study by the Institute for Automation & Industrial IT, based at Cologne University of Applied Sciences, confirms potential savings of 50% or more during idle phases as a result of using the PROFIenergy profile. The analysis was carried out on production lines at the Daimler factory in Sindelfingen and the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles factory in Hanover. Load curves, load distribution, and pause types and durations were analyzed. In addition, the influence of operating modes and pauses were analyzed. Up to 15 measuring points were used, indicating the energy savings potential realized by using PROFIenergy could be in excess of 50%. It also became clear that even unplanned pauses of 3 to 5 minutes duration can be exploited with clever use of PROFIenergy to significantly reduce energy consumption. Pilot PROFIenergy applications are currently underway at user sites.

FREE TRAINING CLASSES ROLL OUT: Our FREE training class program is now underway. If you haven't yet booked to attend then we suggest you monitor this page to see if we're coming to a venue near you and to keep abreast of updates. Click each city link to access class details and link to registration. (Note: We had to close registration for our Indianapolis venue in May - ran out of seats - so please reserve your seat early for the event you want to attend).

June Cincinnati
July Pittsburgh Jul 7 Spokane  Jul 19
August Denver Boston
September Minneapolis  Sep 29 Rochester  Sep 14
October Raleigh Chicago
November Houston Milwaukee
December San Diego

This year we've added PROFINET in Process Automation and we show how PROFINET can provide the ideal backbone architecture for automation projects incorporating PROFIBUS, Foundation Fieldbus, DeviceNet and others. Attendees each receive a certificate for 5.5 Professional Development Hours (PDH).

CERTIFIED NETWORK TRAINING CLASSES: There are five more chances to attend Certification Classes in 2011, as follows. (Monitor this page for last minute changes and additions to the schedule). Class size is limited by available work stations and have been filling up.  Please register early to reserve a seat.

September 12 September 19 September 19
November 7   December 5

RECENT WEBINARS ARCHIVED: Did you miss our two recent live webinars? Don't worry, they are both available as archived files now. One was about our latest money-saving profile PROFIenergy, which provides a unique and effective way of reducing energy consumption during production pauses, with tools to shave peak power demand as well. We also covered the latest process industry developments with our PROFINET in Process Automation profile, just released. PROFINET can now be the ideal backbone for process automation, discrete automation and motion control, all at the same time if necessary. Both webinars are archived here along with a bunch of earlier webinars that could be just a relevant to your needs.

LARGER IMAGE HEREWHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU ... : join PI North America? All the stuff shown right, that's what! Four books and a booklet; mouse pad; pens; lots of documents; and (not in the picture) a CD of documentation. Click on the image for a larger version. You also get a username and password to download even more stuff from our website, and to place your products in the online product guide and in the All Things PROFINET Product Showcase. But wait ... there's more!

  • If you develop products with PROFIBUS and PROFINET in them you get assistance and discounts.
  • If you have to market PROFINET and PROFIBUS products, we provide many routes to a targeted audience.
  • If you are a System Integrator or distributor, we refer inquiries received here to you.
  • If you are a user, you get improved access to information, and discounts on training.

You are invited to Join PI North America! At our online membership application page you'll find links to our latest brochures.

ARE YOU LINKED IN TO PROFINET? Latest postings on the LinkedIn PROFINET group include one on this chip solution. The group is designed as a forum to ask questions about PROFINET and listen to tips and advice. You can also add your own comments. Jump to the PROFINET LinkedIn Group.

PROFIblog: Carl Henning has brought his Hannover Fair report up to date and included more video material. There's also news about recent feedback from the free training class program, or "constructive criticism" as Carl describes it! Someone has even requested better jokes! Ah well, you can't win 'em all. Follow PROFIblog here.

PROFINET MOVIE: We've mentioned this one before but it really deserves yet another push Key topics such as motion control, functional safety, energy management and the integration of existing fieldbuses are included.

'ALL THINGS PROFINET' EXPANDS: More app stories have been added and the Product Showcase has been opened up to all global members of PI, so it's more and more useful to everyone, especially as a 'first-stop' for finding PROFINET product vendors. ALL THINGS PROFINET.

STEEL MANUFACTURE: Salzgitter Flachstahl is the biggest steel subsidiary of Salzgitter AG, one of Europe's leading steel technology companies.  Its central service provider permanently monitors PROFINET and PROFIBUS networks around the plants and accurate diagnostics are a major criterion. TH SCOPE, a software-based solution for monitoring PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks simultaneously was selected for the task. FULL STORY HERE.

SORTING MINK PELTS: Kopenhagen Fur took machine safety very seriously when a new pelt sorting system comprising 30 stations was installed to optimize the sorting process and thus revenue. The new system used an AS-i Safety solution and PROFINET. Better loading on the bus system and even higher diagnostics levels resulted. FULL STORY HERE.

PROFINET STACK DEMONSTRATION: Freescale Semiconductor and Molex will jointly demonstrate the Molex PROFINET IO-Controller software running on the P2020 QorIQT multi-core processing platform during the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) in San Antonio, Texas, June 20-23. The combination enables the simultaneous use of PROFINET while a complex real-time process is being controlled. The P2020 QorIQ processor has 10 year product supply assurance, extensive industrial connectivity, and dual Power Architecture® cores with fanless operation for up to 3500 MIPS of performance. An FTF training session will show how to use the new reference solution to quickly confirm P2020 resource utilization and performance while simultaneously running PROFINET and real-time control. Molex offers licensed stack software, development tools and expert consulting services. FTF.

SOUTH EAST ASIA: The PROFIBUS/PROFINET Association South East Asia has successfully kicked off a series of seminars for 2011 in Vietnam. Events took place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City and at the Hilton Hotel in Hanoi. The seminar was held in three parts: market and technology updates, PROFIBUS Installations and Best Practice, and PROFINET new features such as Redundancy, Shared Device and others. UK: In June there will be a one day course showing how a PROFINET or PROFIsafe network can be securely and reliably deployed over an Industrial Wireless LAN.  A Certified PROFIBUS Training Week is being held in May. KOREA: The Korea PROFIBUS Association participated in the 'Automation World 2011' fair in Seoul during March. A multi-vendor demo showed PROFINET and PROFIBUS devices from member companies and the open connectivity of both protocols. PI Chairman Mr. Freitag helped present a Press Conference and parallel Seminars. This fair is Korea's only exhibition for the domestic automation industry.

SWITCH FOR HARSH ENVIRONMENTS: This five-port Ethernet switch has IP67 protection for use in harsh industrial environments. Its housing is only 30mm wide so it can be installed on a standard structural element and be quickly and simply fixed. Integrated priority handling of data according to IEEE 802.1p allows the switch to be used in PROFINET or heterogeneous environments. Accessories including labeling are available for standardized M12 connections.   PHOENIX CONTACT.

ISOLATOR FOR ETHERNET: At data rates of up to 1 Gbit/s the level of interference in industrial environments is significantly increased. This Isolator protects copper-connected Ethernet participants against potential differences up to 4kV. They are installed in front of the network participant to be protected. A power supply is not required. Approvals for railway applications (rolling stock) in accordance with EN 50155 and EN 50121 are available.  PHOENIX CONTACT.


PROFItrace INTEGRATED: COMbricks is a modular repeater system that contains a ProfiTrace core for permanently monitoring four PROFIBUS networks.  While the repeaters are driving the bus segments, the ProfiTrace core autonomously monitors the data traffic and warns the user of problems. In essence, this means asset management tools can be integrated in network components and therefore become part of an installation. The condition can be remotely inspected via a standard web browser, allowing installations to be monitored all over the world. PROCENTEC.

PROFINET MODULE: This Switched Ethernet PROFINET module supports the PROFIenergy power management profile to allow the power values of low voltage distribution systems in industrial plants collected with the help of PAC measuring devices to be integrated directly in higher-level automation and power management systems. Thus, power management can be optimized over a PROFINET IO network. Installation, networking and commissioning costs are minimal: the module is simply plugged onto the back of the power monitoring device and, thanks to the integrated Ethernet switch, can be directly connected to the PAC. The module is detected automatically and is programmed using software such as Step 7. SIEMENS.


SPIRTA AND SECURITY UPGRADE: This new SPIRTA tool for easy testing of PROFINET IRT functions is available for free download by PI members from the PI website and can be integrated as a supplementary module in existing PROFINET testers. A test module for evaluating the security behavior of PROFINET devices has also been made available. These run various network load scenarios and evaluate the reaction of the test object, an important aspect when evaluating security quality. Both tools can be used to test intermediate development results, to evaluate reproducible test scenarios and for preliminary certification testing. PI.

POSITION TRANSDUCERS WITH PROFIBUS: These new Micropulse magnetostrictive linear position transducers (Profile and Rod-Style) have an integrated PROFIBUS DP interface and allow simultaneous processing of up to 4 positions with velocities. The maximum cycle time is 1 ms and resolution is 5 µm for position and 0.1 mm/s for velocity. Parameters including resolution, zero point and working range are modified over the bus using the GSD file. Addresses are assigned using DIP switches or through software. BALLUFF


PROFIBUS MASTER SUPPORTS CIPConnect: This PROFIBUS DP-V1 Master Communication Module for CompactLogix platforms (MVI69-PDPMV1) now supports CIPconnect technology. With CIPconnect, users are now able to access the module utilizing the Ethernet port of a CompactLogix processor. The feature utilizes the backplane bridging capabilities of the CompactLogix system to enable remote configuration and diagnostics via EtherNet/IP. CIPconnect also enables asset management software that supports FDT/DTM to connect to PROFIBUS DP devices through the same Ethernet connection. PROSOFT TECHNOLOGY.

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