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New Audi 1 plant in Belgium features 450 robots connected by PROFINET.

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PROFINET 2.3 ... STABLE AND PUBLISHED: With the publication of PROFINET Specification 2.3 all current work on PROFINET is complete. Included are the requirements for the PROFIenergy energy management profile, PA version 3.02 for the enhanced Life Cycle Management of process instrumentation and systems, and the requirements for high performance Fast IO devices. All these advanced features of PROFINET are now stable and fully backwards compatible with earlier versions of PROFINET. They can be implemented across all device types, providing of course that the firmware supports the latest specification. Project Groups continue to maintain PROFINET and of course future enhancements can be expected as market demands change. Mike Bryant, Executive Director of PI North America (above) points out that PROFIBUS, which has now been in the market for 21 years, continues to evolve to meet customer needs even today. "We can expect similar market demands to filter through from leading PROFINET users, especially from the automotive industries, and our Project Groups remain active to cope with any upgrades needed," he said. "It's probably better to classify the current position as a plateau-ing of the technology and I am sure that many further exciting developments lie ahead." If you'd like to see the PROFINET specification road map up to Version 2.3, click here.

TRAINING CLASS SCHEDULES ANNOUNCED: Eighteen free training classes are scheduled for 2011. There are two different curricula: PROFIBUS and PROFINET. The table below shows the current schedule. You should also monitor this page to stay abreast of any updates as dates and venues are confirmed at least 30 days prior. Click to access class details with a link to registration. Attendees of each class will receive a certificate for 5.5 Professional Development Hours (PDH).

February Houston Feb 24
March Huntsville  Mar 30 Greenville, SC  Mar 23
April Philadelphia
May Indianapolis Richmond  May 10
June Cincinnati
July Raleigh Spokane  July 19
August Denver Boston
September Minneapolis  Sep 29 Rochester  Sep 14
October Pittsburgh Chicago
November Houston Milwaukee
December San Diego

Certified Network Training Classes have also been scheduled as follows. (Please monitor this page for changes.)

March 7   March 28
May 16 May 23 June 13
September 12 September 19 September 19
November 7   December 5

ALL THINGS PROFINET GROWS: PI North America's new web site dedicated to All Things PROFINET is going from strength to strength. Recent major additions included a Product Showcase, featuring the broad range of PROFINET products and services now available from North American suppliers. All Things PROFINET is designed to make it easy for different classes of user to access and learn about what PROFINET can do and how it can be implemented easily. The information is laid out to suit Users, OEMs and Device Vendors and by choosing which path meets your goals, you can easily navigate through the site to find the information you need. We even give recommended paths to follow - what could be easier. Various Resources are highlighted at different points in the site to give you the right grounding for the type of work you have in mind. Recent updates include a range of new automotive applications stories demonstrating how extensively PROFINET is being implemented worldwide in that industry. Further site enhancements are expected shortly, including a novel take on using social networks. ALL THINGS PROFINET.

ARE YOU LINKED IN TO PROFINET? A new LinkedIn group has been set up for PROFINET, to act as a focal point for all kinds of discussions about the topic of PROFINET, how it works and how it can be used. The group is moderated jointly by Dolf van Eendenberg in the Netherlands and Carl Henning in North America so a global outlook is aimed for. Registration is free. Visit the PROFINET Group on LinkedIn.

PROFIblog: A comprehensive series of reports, including movie footage, was blogged by Carl Henning from the SPS/IPC/Drives fair in Nuremberg. Catch up with it here. There's an interesting survey item here about hard wiring coming down from 78% to 57% in the 2008 - 2010 period.  

PROFINET MOVIE: check out this introductory movie on YouTube.

TECHNICAL MARKETING VACANCY: PI North America is looking for someone to work from its Scottsdale, AZ office as part of the Technical Marketing team. Someone with an engineering background and substantial industrial automation experience would make an ideal candidate. Some existing knowledge of PROFINET and PROFIBUS would be beneficial. Good communication skills are also required, especially in the sphere of public speaking, as regular technical presentations to audiences ranging from end user management and engineering staff through to OEMs and professional bodies is a key part of the job. A willingness to travel (about ten three-day trips per year) is also a requirement. If you fit the bill - or know someone who might - the person to contact is

  • Latest members of PI North America include Chrysler of Auburn, MI, and Online Development of Knoxville TN;
  • the first two PROFIenergy certificates were awarded at SPS/IPC/DRIVES in November 2010, for the ET200S and Development Kits DK-ERTEC 200 PN IO and DK-ERTEC 400 PN IO, and for the M200D;
  • the PI booth at SPS/IPC/DRIVES featured a PROFIenergy 'pilot plant' with live products;
  • our survey about PROFINET could win you prizes! It'll only take ten minutes and an iPod Nano, an iPod Shuffle or a free copy of Manfred Popp's excellent book 'Industrial Communication with PROFINET' are to be won! START THE SURVEY HERE.

AUTOMOTIVE / BELGIUM: With the help of PROFINET and Phoenix Contact the Audi A1 manufacturing line at Brussels in Belgium is the newest and most modern Audi plant in Europe. The project included a new sheet-metal workshop with 450 robots. More here.

SECOND PROFINET COMPETENCE CENTER: HMS Industrial Networks' office and test facility in Chicago has been certified as a PI Competence Center (PICC) for PROFINET. This is only the second PICC for PROFINET in North America (the first is the PIC in Johnson City). Competence Centers are centers of technical expertise delivering technical support, seminars and workshops to the user and vendor communities. HMS will focus on providing support and training to first-time developers of PROFINET devices and systems based on its Anybus technology. "PI North America is delighted to have HMS add a PI Competence Center (PICC) for PROFINET here in the US," said Carl Henning, Deputy Director of PI North America. "Certification is a challenging task and HMS is to be congratulated for successfully achieving certification." This is another indicator of PROFINET's increasing success in the North American market, he added. or HMS.

NEW IO-LINK COMPETENCE CENTER: MESCO Engineering has been designated an IO-Link Competence Center by the IO-Link Steering Committee. The MESCO IO-Link Competence Center offers consulting in IO-Link technology, quality management and support for master and devices development. In addition MESCO provides communication stacks for masters and devices and offers customer specific services for electronic and software development. "As a fully accredited PI Competence Center for all technology areas (PROFIBUS PA, PROFINET, PROFIsafe, PROFIdrive) and now as an IO-Link Competence Center we are, engineering-wise, always one step ahead," says the company. or MESCO.

CHINA: The China PROFIBUS and PROFINET Association (CPA) participated in the China International Industry Fair 2010 (CIIF) held in Shanghai (see left). In November 2010, the Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China (SAC) adopted both PROFINET IO and PROFIdrive as Chinese national standards (PROFINET IO: GB/Z 25105.1-.3-2010 and PROFIdrive: GB/Z 25740.1-.2-2010). Experts have already begun preparing PROFINET IO, PROFIsafe and PROFIdrive for full GB/T Standard status. PROFIsafe is already GB/Z. PROFIBUS achieved GB/T status in 2006. PI Chairman Jörg  Freitag spoke at the Standards meeting. SPAIN: Spain's new PI Association will actively promote the usage of PROFINET, PROFIBUS and IO-Link in the Spanish market, as well as collaborating in education and training. Founding members include: ABB, Comercial Electrica , DAP, Dicomat (Wago) , Endress+Hauser, Harting, Logitek, Pepperl+Fuchs, Phoenix Contact, Siemens, SMC. INDIA: UL Group, which hosts the Indian PI Competence Center (PICC) and is a lead member of the Indian PROFIBUS, PROFINET Association (IPA) held a series of technology seminars and training sessions over the past three months in Pune (left) . FRANCE: 60 people attended PROFIBUS and PROFINET workshops in Paris and Lyon when members presented the latest innovations offered by PROFIBUS & PROFINET. UK: PROFIBUS UK's Competence Centre at MMU has released its 2011 Training Schedule covering Certified PROFIBUS and PROFINET Engineer and Installer, Commissioning and Maintenance, System Design, Product Development, Wireless, CoDeSys, Basic and Certified OpenPLC and Certified AS-Interface courses. BRAZIL: During September and October 2010, RPA Brazil organized a series of seminars about PROFIBUS /PROFINET. The goal was to present the fundamentals and principles of PROFIBUS and highlight that PROFINET is a leading protocol for implementing Industrial Ethernet that can help bring IT standards to the plant floor. SOUTH EAST ASIA: The PROFIBUS Association South East Asia has successfully conducted a series of roadshows in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. MIDDLE EAST: Interest in the PROFIBUS Association Middle East is growing and there has been great feedback from the region. A recent visit to one of the largest global Oil and Gas exhibitions, ADIPEC, showed the importance of PROBUS in this market. Plans are to formally launch the organization in the near future. There are certified training sessions planned in Dubai for March and May. ITALY: The Genoa Fieldbus Competence Centre (GFCC) is a new PI Competence Centre (PICC) for PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS PA and PROFINET set up as a spin-off from Genoa University. GFCC provides high added-value services ranging from audit and certified training to the on-site diagnosis of industrial networks. Some of its activities are oriented towards research, as its academic origins suggest. GFCC(left) can operate in Italian, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

PROFINET GATEWAY: Turck has developed new PROFINET fieldbus gateways for its BL67 I/O-system in accordance with the guidelines of AIDA (the Automation Initiative of German automobile manufacturers). These are mainly intended for use in automobile bodyshell work and support both AIDA-RJ45 copper and SCRJ-optical fiber connections. They can be expanded easily and were developed in cooperation with Parker Hannifin. TURCK.

PROFIenergy COMES FREE WITH MODULE: "It's the fastest way to support PROFIenergy" is the claim made by HMS with the release of an Anybus-CompactCom communication module for PROFINET with the PROFIenergy profile embedded.  It could be the lowest cost way too since the PROFIenergy server comes free of charge!  The server handles PROFIenergy use cases 1-3. CompactCom modules are equipped with a fast 2-port switch which allows PROFINET line topologies to be built without the need for external switches. HMS INDUSTRIAL NETWORKS.

PROFINET IO-Device DEVELOPMENT KIT: The Brad IO-Device protocol development kit version 2.2 for PROFINET enables OEMs to develop and market their own branded PROFINET IO devices easily. It supports conformance Class B and has already been integrated into customer systems and successfully certified. The stack was demonstrated at the recent SPS/IPC/Drives fair on an Apple iPad (pictured). A second demonstration showed the stack running PROFINET Isochronous Real Time (IRT). The stack has been successfully ported to the Intel x86, ARM 7/9, Motorola Power PC, Innovasic FIDO and other platforms and supports OSs such as Win32, VxWorks, QNX, Linux, eCos and ThreadX. MOLEX.

PROFINET REDUCES MOTION CONTROL COSTS: Delta Computer Systems has announced the addition of PROFINET IO as yet another communication option for RMC motion controllers. "Our new PROFINET IO capability adds more choice for RMC70 Series motion controller customers", says Steve Nylund, Delta's CEO. "And since PROFINET IO is also available on our RMC150 multi-axis controllers, users who switch from our existing PROFIBUS DP solution (a special module) to PROFINET IO (included with the CPU) enjoy more value." PROFINET IO has a much broader reach than PROFIBUS DP, says Delta, and can enable better networking plant-wide. PROFINET IO is used for fast (millisecond level) cyclic data exchange between IO-Controllers and IO-Devices and for acyclic data transactions used for large blocks of configuration data, such as CAM table data to Siemens' S7 PLCs. DELTA COMPUTER SYSTEMS.

UPGRADE FOR PROFIBUS DIAGNOSTICS PACKAGE INTERFACE: The new software package " PROFIBUS Diagnostic Suite" provides a common user interface for all of Softing's industry-leading diagnostic products, including PROFIBUS Tester 4 "All in one", PROFIBUS Tester 3 (PROFIBUS electrical tester), PROFIBUS Inspektor (continuous bus monitoring), and the PROFIBUS Protocol Analyzer for DP+PA. The new package has also improved the all-important ease-of-use aspect while at the same time preserving all diagnostic features. One powerful new feature is the "Quick-Test" button which initiates a full PROFIBUS analysis with a single mouse click. A free download is available here. SOFTING.

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