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The official email newsletter of the PROFIBUS Trade Organization Issue 1 Mar 2005







... PROFINET with IRT can handle 150 axes of motion in 1 ms?

... that there are now 2.1 million PROFIBUS devices in process automation?

... that PROFIBUS is prophesying 20 million installed devices by 2007?

... that FOUR major automotive manufacturers have accepted PROFINET as their preferred Industrial Ethernet solution?

... 94+ PROFINET products and services are now available from PI member companies. A new brochure lists them all. Download it here


Growth Rate Reaches 30%
North American PROFIBUS and PROFINET events
New Brochure explains why PROFIBUS is 'Perfect for Process'
Web Based Training now Free of Charge!
Phillip Morris uses PROFINET CBA
New Transceiver announced
Tim Black joins Board


The number of newly installed PROFIBUS devices increased from 2 million in 2003 to 2.6 million in 2004. Year on year this represents 30% growth, putting PROFIBUS well on the way to its target of 20 million devices by the end of 2007. With 12.6 million devices installed globally, PROFIBUS now has nearly twice as many nodes as its nearest competitor. Taking all other technologies into account, the PROFIBUS total almost exceeds them all put together, a "major achievement in the face of some stiff competition from the best suppliers in the world," says PROFIBUS International Chairman Edgar Kuester. In process the situation is even more marked: almost 2.1 million PROFIBUS devices are in use, including at least 400,000 process field instruments. This is 4-5 times as many as any other fieldbus and, says Kuester, is because PROFIBUS is the only fieldbus that can fit both the IEC 61158 requirement - where IS and power on the bus is needed - and the discrete-like sectors upstream and downstream of the main process, where PROFIBUS DP is ideally suited. The international network of regional PROFIBUS organizations and competence centers is also extremely important. PROFIBUS products cover almost every application and there's extensive freedom of choice. The current broad acceptance by the chemical industry and process engineering is a further indication of the excellent quality and certification processes that distinguish PROFIBUS."No other fieldbus can do what PROFIBUS can do," commented Kuester at the recent Hanover Fair. "PROFIBUS is the only universal solution for all areas of production and process automation""

North American PROFIBUS and PROFINET events:

We are halfway through 2005's free seminar series. The thousands of past attendees have found these extremely informative. Choose from your area of interest: PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA for the Process Industry, or PROFINET. Twelve more cities will host upcoming seminars. Register early to ensure a seat!

For developers ready to build products incorporating PROFINET IO, an intensive two day PROFINET IO Developers' Class is being offered in Johnson City, Tennessee (includes OPC Server demonstration). New classes are being added - watch the website for updates.

The 11th PTO General Assembly will be held August 2-4 in Scottsdale. Plan to arrive a day early for the free PROFINET IO Developer Class! End users looking for deep insight into PROFINET IO will also find the course worthwhile.

The ISA show is scheduled for October 25-27 in Chicago. Plan to stop by for the latest insight on PROFIBUS and PROFINET - we are right by the main entrance.



Free seminars countrywide, designed to make things easy for you ... easy to attend the venues, easy to access the technology, easy to afford the experience.

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PI has published a new 6 page color brochure describing why PROFIBUS is an excellent fit for applications throughout process plants, where 'hybrid' structures of continuous and discrete production segments are typical. The center spread (below) shows graphically why this is so: with its systemwide uniform communication and application-specific profiles, PROFIBUS satisfies all needs, from inbound logistics, via process automation, to outbound logistics. Furthermore, it offers full IEC 61158 compatibility, including IS and power-on-the-bus. The brochure includes full written authentication of the exact advantages in each plant segment. If you are 'in process' and on the point of deciding which fieldbus to use you must read this publication. Download it from > DOWNLOADS


A new White Paper from ARC shows in even greater detail why PROFIBUS is such a good fit in the process industries. It includes lots of technical justifications together with four classic hybrid applications. It's a 'Must Read' if you're in process. Download a copy here.



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CLICK FOR WEB BASED TRAININGA completely reworked Web Based Training (WBT) system from PROFIBUS International is now available free of charge to anyone from the PROFIBUS web site. In English and German, WBT provides a great one-day introductory course and is also a very useful continuing education option for people engaged in PROFIBUS development. It's based on 'system building blocks': training is divided into six sections which address major fundamentals including the Master/Slave principle, the transmission technology, the protocol architecture and the PROFIBUS DP communications protocol. Answers are provided for common questions such as: What is PROFIBUS and how do participants in a network communicate? WBT also provides practical information about device installation. For process automation, in addition to explaining the 'PA Devices' application profile, the automation of a hybrid system is demonstrated. In the 'Engineering' chapter the user experiences how to manage PA devices and how to put a system into operation using engineering tools. Learning is self-directed and participants are tested at the end. Participants are not bound by time or location: the only requirements are a willingness to learn and Internet access.


Access WBT here.






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Philip Morris International has become one of the first companies in the world to implement PROFINET Component Based Automation (CBA). By modularizing a tobacco conditioning process in a pilot plant at its facility in Neuchatel, Switzerland, Philip Morris International expects to achieve more efficient control of the complex processes involved in cigarette manufacturing and a more flexible response to changing production requirements. Read the full story



The IL3585 is an RS-485 transceiver which meets the latest PROFIBUS requirements. It features a'fail-safe if open' design which ensures a logic high on R if A/B lines are floating.A minimum driver differential output voltage of 2.3V is guaranteed over the supply voltage range 4.5V to 5.5V on the bus side.


NVE Corporation
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Tim Black of Wonderware has been appointed to the Board of the PROFIBUS Trade Organization. Black is Wonderware's product manager for extensibility products and has been with Wonderware since 2003. He holds a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Auburn University in Auburn, Ala.

"Wonderware is committed to promoting open technologies like PROFIBUS and OPC because the extended connectivity provided by these technologies greatly benefits Wonderware customers and the industry overall," Black said.

Black will be taking over for his Wonderware colleague, Scott Kiser, who is global director of Applications Consulting Services, focused on ArchestrA technology. Kiser served on the PTO board from 1998 to 2004.

"The dedication, experience and expertise Scott brought to PTO will be missed, but Tim Black brings equally impressive experience to this position," said Mike Bryant, executive director of the PTO. "Like Scott Kiser, Black has an extensive background in PROFIBUS and worked closely with the PTO when he worked at the Siemens PROFIBUS Interface Center in Johnson City, Tenn. His technology background and his marketing savvy will provide the board with an extremely valuable resource."


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