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A busy month, proving that misunderstandings still abound! We found these points in an FF newsletter that deserve deeper analysis.

Myth 1: FF has better diagnostics than PROFIBUS:

Response 1: Both FF and PROFIBUS provide two-way communications which enables instrument manufacturers to develop advanced diagnostics. Therefore it is up to the manufacturer. , Typically they are same. If they are not the same, then it is the manufacture who has decided not to include the feature - it is not related to the communication system.

Myth 2: Because FF is a publisher-subscriber it can alert the user to problems unlike a Master-Slave protocol (e.g. like PROFIBUS).

Response 2: In a publisher-subscriber protocol, you still need a 'traffic cop' to direct who can talk when - in the case of FF it is the so-called Active Link Scheduler. In PROFIBUS, the traffic cop is the master. The real difference between master-slave and publisher-subscriber is hidden in protocol design theory and really does not affect the end user very much. As far as alerts go, when a slave wants to alert a PROFIBUS master it sets a bit in the return message in data exchange, then the master knows to issue a 'diagnostic request' during the next cycle. In a typical system, this would take no more than 200ms - plenty fast enough for any end user!

Myth 3: PROFIBUS PA is a master-slave system, but it has no formal user layer like FOUNDATION Fieldbus, so host system control schemes may not be equal in how the diagnostic information is used.

Response 3: In communication theory, what belongs in the 'application layer' and what belongs in the 'user layer' is open to interpretation. PROFIBUS tends to lump everything into the application layer, whereas FF puts it in the user layer. In reality they are dealing with the same stuff. As far as diagnostic information goes, as long as the master conforms to the PROFIBUS profile specification, it will always handle the diagnostics the same way. FF exhibits variations between masters on how they handle communications and diagnostics, which leads to each FF host having a 'preferred vendors' list. PROFIBUS does not require a 'preferred vendors' list and therefore its devices are always truly 'open'.

Elsewhere, Walt Boyes complains in his blog about fieldbus numbers: "Why don't you all want to include HART in the numbers game?" he pleads. " ... there are roughly 22 million installed HART devices in process automation. This is a number that absolutely dwarfs PROFIBUS PA and Foundation Fieldbus, both of whom have roughly a half million ... "

Whoa, slow down Walt! No-one questions the massive success of HART. PROFIBUS and PROFINET can both easily embrace HART devices - what more do you want by way of recognition? But the fact is that HART depends on good old-fashioned 4 - 20mA and connects but one device per cable. It's not a bus, never has been and never will be (although it had a digital multi-drop spec in its early days that mysteriously disappeared!). Fieldbuses typically connect 10 devices per cable (it can be more) and can transmit far more data. That puts HART in a different context. Yes, with wireless added, it moves towards the networking world, but it reigns supreme in its own marketplace otherwise.

Finally, Polly's fame is spreading. We hear - on jungle drums of course - that she will make a PROFIBUS PA (personal appearance) at the PTO's General Assembly Meeting in August. If you're a PTO member this is a meeting NOT to miss. Register today.

Have you any PROFIBUS or PROFINET myths to report. If so, let us know.

Download Polly's pdf to read more PROFINET myths, especially about SUE ... and learn the facts before you become a fieldbus parrot!

FREE TRAINING: The 2007 series of FREE one-day training classes centering on PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS in the process industry and PROFINET are now well under way. Keep monitoring the Schedule here to find a course near you. For updates please visit this page. All attendees receive a certificate for 5.5 PDH (Professional Development Hours). Attendees of PROFIBUS and PROFINET one-day training events participate in a raffle for a free seat in a Certified Network Engineer class (= $2,695 value). Certified Network Engineer status is highly valued by employers and relevant 5-day courses are held regularly in Johnson City - more details here.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING IN TWO WEEKS: Meet PROFIman, one of the stars of the PTOís 13th Annual General Assembly Meeting taking place on August 1st and 2nd. The GAM actually begins on Tuesday evening, July 31, 2007, with a Welcome Reception. Wednesday and Thursday will then be filled with presentations and meetings to provide vendor and user members with updates, news and networking possibilities. Visiting experts and magazine editors will also attend. (STOP PRESS: We also hear that Pretty Polly, that famous myth-perpetrator featured above, will be making an appearance!)

Immediately preceding the General Assembly Meeting are two free training classes. The first is a PROFINET IRT class on Monday afternoon July 30. All-day Tuesday, the west coast PROFINET Developer Workshop will be conducted. You donít have to be attending the General Assembly Meeting to participate in these free classes. You can register for the PROFINET Developer Workshop here. The workshop is targeted at device manufacturers to assist them in speedy development of PROFINET products.

WHY USE A FIELDBUS?: We've just published an AUDIO White Paper in MP3 on this topic. Find it here. It's real simple to listen to, and it's a great way to learn in a spare 5 minutes. Tell us what you think. If there's positive feedback we'll find some more topics to audio-ize in due course.

DOWNLOAD BROCHUREUPCOMING WEBINARS: PTO's webinar program has proved highly successful so we've planned some more. Our earlier webinars dealt mainly with Industrial Ethernet in general, including Ethernet basics, and were a great way to prepare for more detailed training. We just completed our fourth webinar – a PROFINET Overview. Comments ranged from: “The information provided was great and presented in a very professional manner,” to “Considering the breadth of the subject, the Webinar covered it well during the short session.” There were some good suggestions for future topics; let us know if you have any yourself. Our next webinar is timed for Aug 28, 2007 (2:00pm ET) and will cover Industrial Wireless Networking. Keep in touch with upcoming webinars here. Revisit earlier webinars here.




PROFINET DEVELOPER WORKSHOPS: Like to win an iPod? Two PROFINET Developer Workshops, designed for device developers, development managers and product marketers, are upcoming and there's an iPod to be won at both. Workshops are the perfect opportunity to meet major suppliers of PROFINET development tools in one room. At each event, ARC Advisory Group first provides a market overview. The PTO then gives an overview on PROFINET and the PROFI Interface Center provides a high-level look at various tools and applications. Our most recent workshop was in Detroit in May and was rated as 'highly successful' by attendees; "It was good info," was a typical comment, "and just the right length," though one person wanted a lot more! Ah well ...! Exhibitors included: Comtrol Corporation, Hilscher North America, Inc., HMS Industrial Networks, Inc., IXXAT, Inc., Real Time Automation, Siemens Energy & Automation, and Softing North America. These workshops are entirely free of cost or obligation and we've learned that attendees actually need more one-on-one opportunities with exhibitors, which we will fix at forthcoming events. We'll also be raffling an iPod at every workshop! Coffee, a light breakfast, lunch and a hosted bar are provided. Workshops are scheduled for Scottsdale (July 31), and Boston in October. To register visit the relevant link or call 480-483-2456.

PROFIBUS PASSES 20 MILLION: PROFIBUS, the world’s most popular fieldbus, continues to grow! Not content with sales of 3.4 million in 2006 alone (that's more then most of the others have won in 15 years!), it passed the 20 million mark in April this year to confirm its position as the most successful fieldbus in history!

While PROFINET ramps up sales in the background PROFIBUS sales show no sign of slowing down. It seems that end users want to continue using well-proven PROFIBUS technology at the same time as they deploy PROFINET Industrial Ethernet solutions. Since PROFINET can integrate PROFIBUS easily, this makes sense.

PROFIBUS is now the most successful fieldbus in history, says PTO Executive Director Mike Bryant (pictured above). “It leads the world, while at the same time PROFINET is delivering a compatible future. PROFINET was designed to be tightly coupled with PROFIBUS and will fully support the market’s huge existing commitment to PROFIBUS. PROFINET is also able to easily integrate other popular networks too, including Interbus, FF, HART, DeviceNet and AS-Interface. In short, existing systems can be retained when you use PROFINET!"

Profiles such as PROFIsafe and PROFIdrive operate consistently on both platforms too, Mike pointed out, so moving between them is simple. “This synergy means legacy investments in skills and equipment are fully protected. Frankly, we are sure that PROFINET will rapidly follow the example of PROFIBUS, to become the automation world’s most successful Industrial Ethernet technology.”

BLOGGING AUTOMATION: Carl Henning's blog on behalf of the PTO continues to create waves in automation. Recent blogs include topics such as the OPC Foundation Devcon, where the latest Unified Architecture developments were presented to a global audience. Start here if you want to tune in, or log in using web feeds via IE7 (which makes things real easy for you). Not using IE7? Then download one of the many specialist RSS readers like this one.




INTEGRATION OF HART AND PROFINET: The international ‘Fieldbus Integration’ working group of PI has just released the draft specification for the integration of HART with PROFINET. Close collaboration with the HART Communication Foundation (HCF) was evidenced by the active role a representative of HCF Europe played in the working group. The integration of HART into PROFINET is a natural development from the existing ‘HART on PROFIBUS’ profile and the communication services already defined are retained. The main task lay in adapting these to PROFINET communication objects. The integration of HART into PROFINET supports HART Revision 6. As with PROFIBUS, all HART commands can be transferred over the PROFINET system with total transparency. This means that existing HART engineering systems can now offer, via PROFINET, all the performance features which have already been established for PROFIBUS, including parameterization.

PROFIsafe GOES WIRELESS: PROFIsafe has been specified for wireless networks! The new version of the PROFIsafe profile (Version 2.4) describes the conditions for the functionally safe transmission of data via WLAN and Bluetooth. The concept has been approved by the BGIA and TÜV. The publication of the specification of PROFIsafe on PROFINET IO – and thus on Ethernet - confirmed the compatibility, in principle, of PROFIsafe for wireless networks. It was then simply a case of defining the details in respect of security. First applications are now being deployed. PI members can download the profile for free from the PI website Non-members must pay a fee of 150 euros.

LATEST ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN: PTO's series of display advertisements for PROFINET has continued with one focusing on the high Return on Investment (ROI) potential. Total Life Cycle Costs (LCC) can be lowered dramatically says the ad. which is themed on acronyms and headlined 'Greater ROI or Eventual DOA: the Choice is Yours'. Click the image to read the ad. Also, a special microsite has been set up to support the ad. - read that here. Previous ads covered the potential of PROFINET for integrating other networks (We Don't Eliminate the Competition, We Integrate Them), and its powerful diagnostics capabilities (Turn and Cough).



CHINA: In March, 10 PROFIBUS engineers from seven Chinese companies attended a Certified PROFIBUS Engineer Training course which took place in Beijing. Demonstrating the level of international cooperation that exists in the PI world, the training was run jointly by PROCENTEC from the Netherlands and CAMETA (China Association for Mechatronics Technology & Application). Mr. Dennis van Booma, the manager of PROCENTEC, helped. The China PROFIBUS Products Testing Laboratory (CPPTL) has upgraded its testing level from PROFIBUS DPV0 to DP-V1 following an audit by Dr. Patz, the Manager of PROFIBUS Products Testing Working Group TC1. CPPTL will cooperate with the International PROFIBUS Products Testing Working Group TC1 in the future. POLAND: INTEX - the Polish PICC (PI Competence Center) - organized a one day workshop for manufacturers of automation equipment on June 12th 2007 in Gliwice. JAPAN: JPO, The Japanese PROFIBUS Organization, held seminars and demonstration days called ‘PROFIBUS Day 2007’ in June. This was also the 10th anniversary of JPO. BRAZIL: During FIEE, the International Fair for Electric, Energy and Automation Industry, in April in Brazil, the Latin America RPA (Regional PI Association) organized another Case Study Seminar to show successful applications of PROFIBUS.



HAZARDOUS AREA SWITCHES: BradCommunications Direct-Link Industrial Ethernet switches now have Class 1, Division 2 certification, making them 'UL approved' for use in hazardous environments where volatile flammable liquids, gases or vapors exist. All Direct-Link Industrial Ethernet switches (the DRL-200 and DRL-300 series) and media converters (DRL-100 series) are now being shipped with this certification. Managed and unmanaged switches are available in 5-, 8- and 9-port configurations supporting both copper and fiber. Direct-Link unmanaged switches provide a plug-and-play feature requiring no configuration while the managed version comes with additional tools for network management and diagnostics. Woodhead Industries


SERVER TO PROFIBUS DP SLAVE: Create a powerful connection between devices on an IEC60870-5-104 network and a PROFIBUS master device using the ProLinx IEC60870-5-104 Server to PROFIBUS DP Slave communications module. The module is a stand-alone DIN-rail mounted protocol gateway that provides one Ethernet port and one PROFIBUS DP Slave configurable DB9F port. The 104S module accepts commands from an attached master unit on the network and generates messages. Prosoft Technology




DTM FOR PROFIBUS DP-V1: The BradCommunications PROFIBUS DP-V1 CommDTM driver has successfully passed FDT certification testing. CommDTM enables the SST PROFIBUS USB interface (SST-PFB-USB-DTM) and the SST PROFIBUS scanner for the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix (SST-PFB-CLX-DTM) to configure and diagnose user-friendly DTM field devices using FDT engineering tools like Fieldcare, PACTware or FieldMate. Both products support PROFIBUS DP-V1 at all baud rates making them ideally suited for use in PROFIBUS PA networks through a PROFIBUS PA segment coupler. Other features include diagnostic tools addresses assignment, logging of data and errors and advanced PROFIBUS parameters for customized access to HART devices. Woodhead Industries


EASY BUS DIAGNOSIS: With the new BC-450-PB, both PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA networks can be analyzed simultaneously. This is made possible by two interfaces: RS485 for PROFIBUS DP and MBP (Manchester-encoded and Bus Powered) for PROFIBUS PA. Results are displayed in a single interface on a PC. Easy comparison of the signals is possible. Even users without detailed knowledge of the protocol can see at a glance whether PROFIBUS is running smoothly or whether there are problems. Softing North America: +1 978 499 9650 or


PROCESS PARAMETERIZATION: ProfibusView is a powerful engineering tool for PROFIBUS PA field devices, for configuration, parameterization, commissioning, operation, diagnostics and maintenance. A single function block interface is involved and there’s no need for previous PROFIBUS skills. On-line monitoring of process variables, alarms, status and diagnostics is also possible. Features include: live list; data reconciliation; on-line and off-line configuration; change address function; universal reading and write commands. ProfibusView can be integrated in System302 or be used stand alone. It also works with the DF73 PROFIBUS DP-V1 master. Smar or


FREQUENCY CONVERTERS HAVE PROFINET: A PROFINET interface has been added to the Sinamics G120 series of frequency converters. This means Sinamics G120 converters can now be used in complex automation architectures requiring real-time Ethernet. Power ranges have been increased too, so the PROFINET link can be available for complex systems including integrated communications from the office to the field. Siemens




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