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Fresh 'Parrot Marketing' was not detected over the Christmas break so, for a change, we take a look at one common misconception about PROFIBUS.

Myth: PROFIBUS does not have Function Blocks while Foundation Fieldbus does.

Response: Both PROFIBUS and Foundation Fieldbus are built on a block structure. Both have physical blocks, transducer blocks and various function blocks. The standard function blocks for PROFIBUS are defined in the PROFIBUS Profile specification (PROFIBUS order number 3.042) and are the following; digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output. One major difference between Foundation Fieldbus and PROFIBUS is where they draw the line between the field device and the control systems. PROFIBUS typically draws the line at the input/output block; Foundation Fieldbus draws the line closer to the control system to include control blocks. An excellent White Paper by James Powell on the topic has been published by PTO here.

DOWNLOAD A PDF HERESee previous issues PROFINET 'debunks'.

And don't forget our excellent 40 page booklet called
'Pretty Polly, Sweet Sue and the White Knight', which takes a 'left field' look at the myths and facts of Industrial Ethernet, with special reference to PROFINET.

Download a pdf here or request a hard copy here.

TRAINING CLASSSES: 2007 SCHEDULE ANNOUNCED: For the fifth consecutive year the PTO and PROFI Interface Center (PIC) will be holding one-day training classes throughout North America. There are 26 cities in the initial schedule, but more are usually added during the year. These are educational events with three curricula centering on PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS in the process industry, and PROFINET. Dates and venues are selected at least 30 days prior. The Tentative Schedule is here


  • Why should I use a fieldbus/Industrial Ethernet?
  • Can someone compare the available solutions for me?
  • How should I choose one over another?
  • Technical Details of PROFIBUS, PROFIBUS in process, or PROFINET
  • How to provide safety functions over a network and the unique advantages of PROFIsafe
  • Tell me about someone who has used a fieldbus successfully.
  • Where can I get more technical details?

The day includes Live Demonstrations and real world Case Studies. It also covers 'first level' technical information such as standards; protocols; wiring; troubleshooting; diagnostics; safety.

Breakfast and lunch are provided; door prizes are awarded and there's a hosted reception at the end of the day. Vendor displays enable you to check real-world products from both small and large companies.

Each attendee receives the presentations in hard copy and a CD containing the presentations, documentation, brochures, newsletters, and more. They also get a free Padfolio and pen.

For updates please visit this page or monitor this page.


Want to enhance your company's strengths in PROFIBUS and/or PROFINET? Boost your career potential too? Then why not attend one of our five-day certified training courses and earn yourself 'PROFItech' status?

PROFIBUS Certified Network Engineer Class: In this hands-on training you will dive into the installation, operation and maintenance of PROFIBUS products and networks. Attendees passing the test receive an official PROFIBUS Certified Network Engineer Certificate.

PROFINET Certified Network Engineer Class: In this hands-on training you will dive into the installation, operation and maintenance of PROFINET products and networks. Attendees passing the test receive an official PROFINET Certified Network Engineer Certificate.

All courses are conducted in Johnson City, TN. 2007 dates here


SAFETY: THE MOVIE: PTO Executive Director Mike Bryant is one of the 'stars' of a new full-screen movie produced by Siemens Energy & Automation titled "SAFETY: Uncover the Competitive Advantage". The movie, which premiered in Chicago early December, includes PROFIBUS, PROFINET and PROFIsafe and will be shown in 45 North American cities beginning in January 2007. Featuring a who's-who cast of safety experts and leading-edge companies it provides the opportunity to learn strategies to meet changing industry safety standards, control operating costs through risk mitigation and improve productivity by making safety a forethought in the design process rather than an afterthought. The case study of one of the participating companies was highlighted in a recent edition of the PROFI Interface Center 'Connection' newsletter and is also available here. Mike Bryant said that the real star of the movie was watching 'Safety in action' in so many different applications. "This film puts goose bumps on your arm," he said. "Safety has now found its ultimate place in the automation market place and is no longer viewed with doubt and suspicion. I think this film will open the eyes of any controls engineer to the many possibilities that PROFIsafe allows." What should people do next after seeing the film? "Call me!" was the simple reply. Mike's number is 480-483-2456 or you can email him here

Safety: the Movie is coming to a cinema near you soon. More details here including how to get free tickets.

PROFIBUS BECOMES FIRST FIELDBUS TO ATTAIN HIGHEST CHINESE STANDARD: PROFIBUS has become the first fieldbus to achieve China's highest national standard level. 1-2006 - GB/T 20540.6-2006 was presented to PI and the Chinese PROFIBUS Organization at a ceremony in November attended by Mr. Su Zhongmin, (pictured right), Assistant Administrator of SAC (Standardization Administration of China). A special banner was handed over, symbolizing the close relationship between PROFIBUS and the Chinese Standardization authorities (see below right, being shown by PI Chairman Edgar Kuester at a press conference at the November SPS/IPC/Drives fair in Nuremberg). National regulations and standards play an important role in the Chinese market. Different sectors have different standards; for example, 'JB' for the machine-building industry. The GB/T standard applies industry-wide. A GB/Z, which offers non-binding, temporary status similar to the IEC TR (Technical Report), is available for new technologies, and has to meet the conditions to be converted into a binding GB/T national standard within 3 years or become automatically invalid. PROFINET has achieved GB/Z status (GB/Z 20541.1/2 -2006). PROFIBUS and PROFINET are the leading communication systems in the Chinese automation market. A PI Competence Center and Test Laboratory have been running since 2002. A second PI Competence Center has now been set up in Beijing, a test laboratory for fieldbus technologies authorized by the state.


  • In rowing, power and synchronicity are the keys to success. The same is true of today's drives solutions, where isochronous communication between distributed drives and the processes running on them is a fundamental requirement. The PROFIdrive drive profile is making a significant contribution to meeting this requirement, as explained in this new brochure.

  • The innovative power and cooperation of over 1,400
    member companies has made PROFIBUS the most successful fieldbus worldwide. PROFINET users can benefit from this advantage because existing PROFIBUS technologies can be easily and quickly integrated into PROFINET. If you're wondering whether to use Industrial Ethernet read this brochure first. It'll tell you about the many other advantages of PROFINET too. Download it here.

  • PROFINET PRODUCTS - around 150 products and
    services are now available for PROFINET. It's the biggest list yet and it's growing fast! Download the brochure here
    to get the most up to date picture of PROFINET yet.

PIC PLUS TRAINING CENTERS: The PROFI Interface Center (PIC) in North America became one of the first worldwide PI Training Centers (PITC) to be accredited during an inaugural meeting at the recent SPS/IPC/DRIVES exhibition. PITCs are committed to a consistent global quality and training standard. A Quality of Services Agreement defines the criteria for PITCs, including certification of instructors, the training contents and equipment required, audits and accreditation of the training institution, etc. PITCs offer 'Certified Installer' or 'Certified Engineer' training courses, where participants can achieve a recognized professional qualification in industrial networking. PIC Manager Karsten Schneider says the new PITC structure will ensure that all certified training, wherever it's done in the world, will now meet the same levels of quality and consistency. "This gives more flexibility," he says, "because previously certified training could only be undertaken by a PI Competence Center (PICC). Now, working in conjunction with a PICC such as the PIC, training organizations can achieve official PITC status and offer certified training to the market. End users can be sure that it meets the correct standard and this means we should see more third parties filling what is at present a big gap in the market."

NEW BOARD MEMBER: Thad Frost has been named as the newest member of the PTO Board of Directors. Thad is the Principal Product Marketing Specialist of the Foxboro business unit of Invensys. He replaces Tim Black from Invensys Wonderware. “We are happy to have Mr. Frost join us on the board,” said Michael Bryant, Executive Director of the PTO. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and we are excited that he will be representing all of Invensys on the Board.” Thad has worked in the process control industry with Invensys for over 14 years and is currently responsible for planning, communicating and executing the I/A Series Distributed Control system product roadmap — a control system that integrates third party data from PROFIBUS devices. Thad’s experience at Foxboro/Invensys has included application engineering, test engineering and release management. He also serves as Chairman of the Foxboro Product Planning Team. “This is an exciting opportunity to learn about the advances in PROFIBUS technology, network with customers and other vendors, and have fun,” Frost said.

IN THE PROFIBLOG: Carl Henning's blog continues to grow in popularity across the automation business. His cool comments, perspicacious perspectives and incisive insights into automation are all handled with a light touch that makes them easy to read as well as being informative and entertaining. The blog records Carl's busy life at PTO - airports, seminars, fairs and all - but with plenty of meat added including personal comment and opinion (e.g. this from Nuremberg) about all automation issues ... and not necessarily only those to do with PROFIBUS and PROFINET! Be entertained, educated and informed: visit Carl's blog here, and remember to insert the web feed into your browser so you can be updated automatically too.





GERMANY: The SPS/IPC/Drives Fair was a major success. A booth shared with the Interbus Club and featuring a forum theater and a common lounge, saw PROFIBUS and PROFINET technology given massive coverage. Attracting over 43,000 visitors, this fair is now one of the premier automation events in Europe, perhaps even the world. A press conference on Day 2 saw three announcements from PI: PROFIBUS has become the first fieldbus to achieve Chinese national GB/T status (see above); the Tool Calling Interface (TCI) specification has been completed after less than a year's work; the 'PROFINET and MES Maintenance Operations' guideline has been released. The latter provides consistent communication with PROFINET from the field level up to top management, making it easier to switch from preventative maintenance to condition monitoring in systems and machines. NAMUR NE107 recommendations are followed. The PI booth also featured an 8m PROFINET wall (shown above), packed with dozens of products. This attracted much attention and confirms that PROFINET is not only here to stay but that its scope and performance are way ahead of any other Industrial Ethernet solution.

DID YOU KNOW ... that more than 15,000,000 PROFIBUS devices are now in use around the world? And, that over 10% of them are in China?

ELSEWHERE: Norway has established its first PI Competence Center at AD Elektronik AS. Contact: +47 6497 6060 or The 'PROFIBUS Center Korea' was accredited at the end of 2004 and regular training course have been held, with an average of 6-8 engineers attending. Courses will be continued in 2007 with a strengthened curriculum and it is expected that the Center can become a certified training center for the Asia region. Contact or +82-2-523-5143 or PROFIBUS UK has issued a Call for Papers for its annual PROFIBUS User Conference at Coombe Abbey, Warwickshire on 26th and 27th June 2007. The conference will concentrate on the issues of implementation, maintenance and management of PROFIBUS and PROFINET systems. More from A PROFIBUS Road Show called 'Getting The Message Through' is now being held in Singapore. The Road Show underlines clearly the benefits of the leading fieldbus standard PROFIBUS and started with the ICA2006 Fair in Kuala Lumpur. It next travels to Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, returning to OSEA in Singapore and then continuing in 2006 in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The focus is on installation and diagnostic guidelines, integrated safety solutions with PROFIBUS, and Asset Management.


SINGAPORE/ WATER: The Changi Water Reclamation Plant is the cornerstone of the new Deep Water Sewerage System. Schneider Electric was chosen as the Main Plant PLC provider and is using 160 ProSoft Technology PROFIBUS DP-V1 modules to help run and monitor end devices. ProSoft Technologies is a PTO member with its corporate headquarters in Bakersfield, CA.

With the global support available from PI member companies PROFIBUS integration into the Plant Overall System Architecture provides a wide choice of high speed communication via PROFIBUS DP, plus 'power over the bus' with PROFIBUS PA, so very large networks covering all aspects of automation are possible. The island-wide project needed low maintenance costs, remote diagnostics and it had to be integrated in with an asset management system, with fast, reliable real-time communication, and easy integration into PLCs from Siemens, Schneider Electric, Allen Bradley, and PC-based solutions.

The key to ProSoft Technology's involvement was intelligent field device management using FDT/DTM, PROFIBUS DP-V1, Hot Standby and the ability to work with Schneider Electric's UNITY and Concept processors. ProSoft Technology has supported the PROFIBUS protocol in the Quantum line. "Schneider Electric is very strong in the process industry but not so much so in their experience with PROFIBUS and FDT/DTM technology integration," said Wally Gastreich, Lead Engineer for ProSoft Technology. "We were able to help them expedite time-to-market and get the customer acceptance and final buy-in."

Singapore's Deep Tunnel Sewerage System brings waste water to the Changi Water Reclamation Plant for further clarification & bio-treatment, then sends it to the new water plant to produce clean water that is healthy and safe for direct consumption.

The sludge goes through a drying process and is transformed into biologically-stable products that can be used as fertilizers. The Water Reclamation Plant is equipped with 160 ProSoft PROFIBUS DP-V1 Master modules. The water treatment project has a long list of field devices in a wide-ranging PROFIBUS network that includes many different types of measuring instruments, including Magnetic Flow Meters, Thermal Mass Flow Meters, Pressure and Differential Pressure Level Transmitters, Radar/Ultrasonic Transmitters, Dissolved Oxygen Analyzers, Temperature Transmitters and Electric Actuators.

The PROFIBUS DP slave devices are mainly from vendors such as Siemens, Yokogawa, Vega, ABB, and Schneider Electric. Using Intelligent Field Device Management (FDT/DTM), ProSoft Technology has helped Schneider Electric to integrate PROFIBUS networks into its PLCs. The PTQ-PDPMV1 is a newly developed ProSoft Technology module that functions as a PROFIBUS DP-V1 Master. Developed on Quantum backplane transfer technology the module sends information back and forth through the Quantum processor and collects all the necessary information on the configured PROFIBUS DP network. Built using the Siemens ASIC ASPC2 Step E with an Infineon C165 Microprocessor, the module's firmware is flash-upgradeable and allows for slave messaging, extended diagnostics and alarm handling, and notification. More from ProSoft.


COLLABORATION: Automation Training, an independent company, has joined forces with Axiom Technologies, a Siemens Distributor in the London, Windsor Ontario areas, to provide local customers with a 2-day PROFIBUS DP custom training session. This is the first class on the PROFIBUS DP network using Siemens Step 7 architecture that Automation Training's professional PTO certified instructor have delivered. Based on student evaluations, this training course was delivered to the same high standards that delegates have become accustomed to receiving in the past from Automation Training. For additional information contact George Richards


COLOR CODED POWER CONNECTORS : rde Connectors & Cables now offers a new generation of M23 and M40 circular power connectors. These easy to assemble connectors set a new standard in reliability and performance for industrial automation control. In addition, there are color coding versions - red, green, yellow, blue, and black versions are available - which aid in reducing connection errors in applications requiring multiple configurations on control centers, hubs, and boxes. Check out or contact 1-800-511-7184 for more information.


USB PROFIBUS ADAPTER: The Direct-Link adapter from Woodhead provides the tools required to quickly and easily connect between a laptop, desktop and Operator Panel PCs. It's ready to plug in (no hardware setting needed) and it supports speeds from 9.6 Kbps up to 12 Mbps via USB 2.0. It has a robust aluminum housing ideal for tough industrial uses and it is self-powered via the USB bus. Delivered ready to use for Windows 32bit environments the "All-in-One" software package includes protocols, a graphical console for configuration, diagnostic tools and a set of data servers - OPC Data Access, Wonderware DAServer (SuiteLink, FastDDE), an ActiveX control - and development libraries for various environments.


SINGLE AXIS DRIVE: The new Sinamics S120 AC Drive features PROFIBUS and PROFINET communication interfaces for high-performance single-axis applications. Power and intelligence are kept separate to increase flexibility and scalability. Multiple choices allow users to select the right controller for their current needs and protect their drive investments if the application ever changes. Furthermore, flexibility opens up new possibilities for innovative modular machine designs. The drive is designed to handle positioning tasks such as in automatic assembly machines and material handling systems. "This single-axis AC drive complements our existing SINAMICS S120 multi-axis drives. Now one integrated drive family can be used for all applied drive applications utilizing induction, servo, linear or torque motors," commented Craig Nelson, Product Manager, Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. Onboard Safety Integrated technology protects operators and machinery.


PROFIBUS CABLES: Belden has announced the addition of two new DataBus cables to its IndustrialTuff PROFIBUS product line. Belden DataBus PROFIBUS DP and PA shielded twisted pair cables are designed to deliver high performance and reliability in PROFIBUS factory automation and process automation applications. The expanded line of DataBus cables now includes a PROFIBUS DP 150-ohm twinax cable that matches the impedance of the factory automation system for optimized signal transmission, with 22 AWG solid bare copper conductor and a Beldfoil shield plus copper braid. There's also a PROFIBUS DP 22 AWG stranded cable for additional flexibility during installation and use. This has a Beldfoil shield plus a 65 percent tinned copper braid. There's a PROFIBUS DP continuously corrugated aluminum armored cable for extremely harsh industrial environments and, finally, there's a PROFIBUS PA 18 AWG stranded twisted pair cable manufactured to the ISA/SP-50 Type A fieldbus specifications. This is foil shielded and has an intrinsically safe blue PVC jacket. Belden: 1.800.BELDEN.1 or


INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET CAT 5: LAPP GROUP have introduced a PROFINET cable for Process Automation in the harsh environment off the Off-Shore industry. ETHERLINE Marine FRNC FC UL/CSA(CMG/PLTC) Cat. 5 2x2x22AWG/7 is approved for Marine and Offshore Applications by Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyds Register of Shipping, ABS Europe Ltd, Bureau Veritas and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).




TOUGH PA CABLE: DataCELL FIELD PROFIBUS PA Cables are specifically designed for tough plant environments. They are Instrument Tray Cable (ITC)/Power Limited Tray Cable (PTLC) exposed run-rated, CSA listed FT-4 and CSA recognized CMX-Outdoor-CMG, they eliminate conduit when installed in accordance with NEC amendments allowing for exposed installation of ITC/PLTC (ER) cable, and are approved for use in Class 1 and 2, Div 2 hazardous areas. They are also available in arctic versions. They are fully compliant with PROFIBUS PA and ISA/SP50 specifications for "Type A" in 18AWG, with foil only or foil plus braid shielding and constructed with an oil-, sunlight-, ozone- and water-resistant PVC jacket offered in standard or custom colors. Northwire: 1-800-468-1516 or


PROFINET CONTROLLER: WAGO Corporation has announced a new PROFINET-enabled programmable controller. Designated the 750-840 series, it's operates as a stand-alone PLC or an intelligent slave in a distributed/decentralized control network. “Distributed control continues to be a growing trend in the world of automation,” said Mark DeCramer, Product Manager for the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM. “By distributing control functions closer to the application or process, and away from the marshaling cabinet it is possible to simplify troubleshooting, increase system response time, divide complex applications into multiple tasks, reduce fieldbus transmission, simplify machine dismantle/install, and reduce wiring costs.” The control application is created using WAGO’s IEC 61131-3 programming tool, WAGO-I/O-PRO CAA, which supports all 5 programming languages and offers built-in visualization. It's DIN rail mounted and capable of being fitted in the smallest of spaces. Compatibility with all 750 and 753 Series I/O modules offers access to over 200 digital, analog, and special function I/O modules. WAGO: 1-800-DIN-RAIL or or visit here


S7/S5 OPC SERVER: Softing's new S7/S5 OPC Server offers fast and convenient access to process data for the S7/S5 PLC-family, WinAC controllers, for C7 and M7 units as well and for Pilz, Saia-Burgess or VIPA controllers. The process data is addressed using STEP7/STEP5 syntax regardless of the type of controller. Access the controller(s) over Ethernet, PROFIBUS, USB, or a serial link with or without a modem. For data access over Ethernet a user can opt for gateways and the NETLink-PRO-ETH as well as for CPs (e.g. Siemens CP243-1 for S7-200, CP343-1 for S7-300, CP443-1 for S7-400) from other manufacturers. The intelligent assembly of read and write requests optimizes the data throughput so efficiently that Softing's S7/S5 OPC Server won the Best-in-Class award in a practice related performance comparison of seven S7 OPC servers from renowned manufacturers. Softing North America, 978 499 9650 or or


PROFINET IO EVALUATION KIT: Softing's PROFINET IO Evaluation Kit contains all the components necessary for getting started with PROFINET, including an evaluation board, development tools, a sample application, PLC demo projects and a 'getting started' manual. The Kit comes with Softing's PROFINET IO device stack and a sample application running under Linux on the evaluation board. A PROFINET IO test network can be set up by using the sample GSD file with the included STEP 7 and PC WorX projects. In addition, all necessary development tools for the hyNet processor are part of the offer. This enables a user to modify the sample program and to thoroughly evaluate both the hardware (hyNet processor) and the software (development environment, PROFINET IO stack). Softing can also help with device development. Softing North America, 978 499 9650 or or


SPUR BLOCKS: TURCK has a versatile, low-cost way to distribute field devices for PROFIBUS PA. The JRBS line of spur blocks provides the convenience of DIN-rail mounting in an IP 20 design. Several versions offer features that enhance usability and simplify wiring in a variety of industrial applications. All JRBS products contain a selector switch for segment termination, and allow the segment to be continued for distribution of instruments in other locations with no additional accessories required. Some JRBS versions also offer short circuit protection with an adjustable limit for each spur, allowing the user to choose values between 30 mA to 60 mA via a rotary switch. These features combine to provide an extremely cost-effective field device distribution product. An aluminum housing provides a temperature rating of -13 to +158°F. The products are available in 4, 6 or 8-port configurations, and contain LED indication of spur status and segment power.


CORDSETS: TURCK introduces new retractile cordsets for PROFIBUS DP networks. The retractile cordsets are the first in the market designed for PROFIBUS DP networks, and may be extended up to 4 times their original retracted length. This length feature makes the cordsets ideal for motion and robotics in automotive applications. TURCK retractile cables are constructed with tough Polyurethane jackets, with either straight or right angle connectors, and can extend up to 1, 2 or 5 meters in length. Nickel-plated brass and stainless steel coupling nuts further ensures a durable connection. The cable also meets the requirements of EN-50170-2-2 for communication up to 12 Mbaud.


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