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... that the PROFIBUS user groups have over 1200 members?

... that the largest
supplier has less than 50% of the market?

... that over 1 million nodes are installed in North America?

... that PROFINET is
not fieldbus specific?

North American PROFIBUS and PROFINET events
Take the PROFINET Quiz
GERMAN automotive companies back PROFINET
INDUSTRIAL SECURITY guideline published
DIE CASTING machine depends on PROFIBUS

North American PROFIBUS and PROFINET events:

Open your calendar and prepare to note the PTO events that are of interest to you.

Twenty three free seminars have been scheduled for 2005 in cooperation with the PROFIBUS Interface Center (PIC) – 5 have been completed very successfully and 18 remain. There are three sub-series: PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA for the Process Industry, and PROFINET.

For developers ready to build products incorporating PROFINET IO, an intensive two day PROFINET IO Developers’ Class is being offered in Johnson City, Tennessee (includes OPC Server demonstration).

And mark your calendars for the PTO General Assembly (August 2-5) and the ISA show (October 25-27).


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Free seminars countrywide, designed to make things easy for you ... easy to attend the venues, easy to access the technology, easy to afford the experience.





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NAMUR ENDORSES PROFIBUS : The general assembly of NAMUR (the process control engineering interest group of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries), held in November last year, endorsed the use of PROFIBUS in the process industries. In its 'Fieldbus Experience Report' NAMUR clearly identified 'positive experiences' in both planning and operations, citing the examples of Vitex system at DSM in Basle, where 450 HART devices work alongside 940 PROFIBUS multi-vendor field devices and the Ketek project at Sanofi-Aventis in the Hoechst Industrial Park where over 1600 PROFIBUS devices are in use. Users confirm that a wide selection of fieldbus-capable components is now available, also that PROFIBUS represents a connectivity 'breakthrough' that results in reduced wiring, planning and installation costs. End users have also gained greater infrastructure flexibility. Martin Schwibach from BASF AG in Ludwigshaven stated: "PROFIBUS is ready for use!" A unique feature of PROFIBUS is its ability to serve mainstream processes and their associated discrete applications. Other process fieldbuses need to use a second fieldbus.











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Take the PROFINET Quiz : An easy quiz that uncovers the truth about PROFINET. Forget the gossip ... test your knowledge, and then confirm the facts!

  1. PROFINET is PROFIBUS on Ethernet. TRUE? or FALSE?
  2. Currently more than 50 engineers from 25 different companies are working in 5 distinct Working Groups to advance PROFINET. TRUE? or FALSE?
  3. PROFINET fully complies with standard Ethernet IEEE 802.3. TRUE? or FALSE?
  4. PROFINET Isochronous Real Time needs a special chip that renders the technology incompatible with IEE802.3 TRUE? or FALSE?



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INDUSTRIAL SECURITY GUIDELINE PUBLISHED : A brand new guideline has been published by PROFIBUS International (pi), providing an introduction to network security and describing a 'Security Concept' for modern automation networks. This Guideline is available free to members, from Non-members may purchase it from their local PROFIBUS Organization or the PROFIBUS International Support Center (Order No.: 7.002, Language: English) using the linked order form right. What's the rationale? Automation systems have moved rapidly towards highly interconnected applications employing widely-used technology such as MS Windows and TCP/IP. Furthermore, today's systems are being increasingly integrated with enterprise systems and other business applications. This means new security requirements have to be considered. PI's Industrial Security Guideline starts with a general introduction on automation and security in general. Automation systems are far from being ordinary IT systems; there are fundamental differences. An outline of the ISA's efforts in this field is also included. The major part covers security requirements and a corresponding Security Concept as developed by the PI working group 'PROFINET Security' (TC3/WG18). A short analysis then shows the extent to which the PROFINET Security Concept meets security requirements. Finally, an outline for implementing the PROFINET Security Concept rounds up the guideline.


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GERMAN AUTOMOTIVE COMPANIES BACK PROFINET : Four leading German automotive companies have stated their commitment to PROFINET, the Industrial Ethernet standard of PROFIBUS International (PI). Speaking at a breakfast press conference at the SPS/IPC/Drives fair on November 24, 2004, representatives of Audi, BMW, DaimlerChrysler and Volkswagen said that the announcement will encourage supplier companies to introduce PROFINET-based systems quickly to meet the requirements of next generation automotive plants. The target is a fixed, uniform protocol that is neutral with regard to the manufacturer and user and which has an integrated safety technology. Standardization of engineering tools is also required. The four companies make up AIDA, the Automation Initiative of German Domestic Automobile manufacturers. AIDA sees that a common Industrial Ethernet environment is a way to overcome the challenges of future automation systems. PROFINET is also supported by the INTERBUS Club. Together, PROFIBUS and INTERBUS have nearly 20 million fieldbus devices installed, roughly 75% of the world market. Edgar Küster, Chairman of PI, said: "I believe this is an exciting moment in the history of automation as it offers the chance to eliminate differences and focus on end user benefits. The job of the integrator and user will be much easier and costs will be reduced. PROFINET embraces legacy fieldbus systems easily, so it protects existing investments. And of course, being TCP/IP based means that integration into IT infrastructures is immediately possible. Everybody is a winner in this new automation world and I invite once again other major fieldbus solutions providers to join us in our mission." Mike Bryant, PI Deputy Chairman and Executive Director of the PROFIBUS Trade Organization in North America added: "This decision by key players in the European automotive market sends out a powerful signal. My assessment, based on our experience of the PROFIBUS market 10 years ago is that AIDA's lead will be followed by automotive manufacturers worldwide, including I believe in North America."


DAVID HUMPHREY:  CLICK HIM TO READ THE INSIGHTAn important new Insight from Market Analysts ARC examines the decision by the AIDA carmaker group of Germany to commit to PROFINET as their Industrial Ethernet solution for future automation systems. In the ARC Insight, analyst David Humphrey (pictured above) writes: "Automobile manufacturers ... tend to be industry pioneers that exert influence over other industries so these commitments are sure to spur interest in unified Ethernet architectures." Read the ARC Insight.


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DIE CASTING MACHINE DEPENDS ON PROFIBUS : THT Presses, Inc. of Dayton, OH, the world's leading manufacturer of electric motor rotor casting machines, proved the value of PROFIBUS in the design of a new 1000-ton vertical die cast machine used to produce high integrity aluminum castings. PROFIBUS was selected as the fieldbus communications backbone because of compatible parts availability worldwide, high bandwidth, deterministic communications and flexible system interfaces to a wide array of system components. By providing a PROFIBUS interface between the system PLC, motion controller and peripheral devices, machine operators can set process setpoints from their HMI and gather data in a PC-based data acquisition system. The machine designers like PROFIBUS because of its support for high, 12Mbits-per-second throughput, which supports realtime data acquisition from a wide array of system devices. An optional electronic control system for "shot-end" control offers customers the ability to enhance the quality of castings. Normally, the injected "shot" of hot metal into the die is controlled by an open-loop controller. To perform closed loop hydraulic control THT designers chose an RMC70 Series motion controller from Delta Computer Systems, Inc. (Vancouver, WA), which interfaces directly to PROFIBUS. Read the full case study.












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NEW PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT : PROFITrace is claimed to be one of the most powerful troubleshooting and maintenance tools for DP and PA. It is is a PROFIBUS Analyzer based on USB and is the latest generation in the line of busmonitor technologies. It has advanced algorithms and a smart link between protocol and electrical measurements. The tool boosts the capabilities of maintenance and engineering personnel.

(Special note to PTO Members: Submit your product announcement that is of special interest to the North American PROFIBUS community by sending a brief write-up, image, and URL to ).


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