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Hanover Fair: News Roundup

After ranting just a little about PROFIpeople, I was called upon to introduce the international version of PROFInews.  I’ll repeat the introduction in the next PROFInews North American Edition.  And that introduction is about Hanover Fair so make that your… Read more »

Hanover Fair – A Look Around

PI was once again part of the Field Communication Lounge at Hanover Fair.  The Lounge covered almost 5,400 square feet and was shared with competing technologies, complementary technologies, and some that are both.  But let’s ignore them and look around… Read more »

Hanover Fair – Diagnostics

PROFINET diagnostics are a huge differentiator for PROFINET.  Building on the concepts pioneered by PROFIBUS (at the device, module, and channel level), PROFINET adds diagnostics for the Industrial Ethernet network.  Because PROFINET is just Ethernet, it leverages IT protocols to… Read more »