General Assembly Meeting — 2016

The 2016 General Assembly Meeting will be Sept. 27th – 29th.

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Highlights from last year’s 2015 General Assembly Meeting:

Pictures from the 2015 Meeting

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Actual Feedback from the 2015 Meeting

“I really enjoyed this event and found it to be informative, good work.”

“It was my first time at the PI North America. I really appreciate all your organisation. You did a really good job.”

“Overall very, very pleased. Incredibly informative and excellent networking was achieved.”

“Loved it for my first time at the GAM!  The casual environment was great.  The camaraderie and dynamics between everyone at PI definitely shows and was great to see.  Assuming my company let’s me go again (mainly due to responsibilities), I would definitely be back!”

“Overall: great event!”

“It’s always just a great gathering of smart and nice people. Thanks!”

The 2016 venue:

2016 GAM Details and Registration