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Kyle McMillan

Hi Roel,

Sorry, I thought I had replied to you!

For more information on recertification, you should read the formal process in the “How to get a certificate for a PROFINET device” document in the PI website’s Downloads section.

In section 8.8, it says:

8.8 Prolongation of a Certificate
A certificate is valid for 3 years. It will expire 3 years after the test report is issued.

The manufacturer can ask for prolongation of the validity of the certificate. For this purpose, it is necessary to provide the PICO not later than three months after the certificates validity expires with a manufacturer declaration. This declaration must contain the following statements:
• Declaring the unchanged conformance of the product with the tested prototype in
hardware and software in accordance with the test report (the last favorable test).
• That there is no newer version of the device that uses the same device identification, i.e.
Vendor-ID, Device-ID, DAP-Module-ID.

Otherwise the prolongation requires a retest.
The text for the manufacturer declaration (see [4]) can be obtained from the PICO.

On the basis of the existing test report, of the new application form and of the manufacturer
declaration the PICO grants the prolongation of the certificate.

Your devices that were sold prior to Oct 11, 2016 were certified. Any devices sold after that date are not certified.

– Kyle