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This forum is for PROFIBUS or PROFINET network specific questions about the technology. Most of your questions are vendor specific.
The question of should you use “PROFIBUS or PROFINET”? is that it depends on your application as both will work for almost any task, although most applications nowadays are going PROFINET due to it’s extensive diagnostics, deterministic qualities and features like simple device replacement. We would need more specifics about your application requirements to give you further advice in that area (speed, amount of data / devices, distances, etc.). We would recommend you attend one of our training seminars for more detail and so you can ask these types of questions while giving us more details (you can see our training schedule under training at Hubs can’t be used with PROFINET, you need switches. ON copper PROFINET there is a 100m limit between switches. On fiber you can go further distances. You can also see the PROFINET install, design, and commissioning guidelines at under downloads for further details in network design.

For questions relating to specific products please consult the vendor of those products.
In this case you should contact the Siemens hotline at
1-800-333-7421 in North America. Or fill out an online help request at:

Best Regards,
Hunter Harrington, PROFINET Consulting Engineer, PROFI Interface Center