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Ask the instructor: PROFINET Developer Training

Kyle McMillan is a guest blogger and the PROFINET Certification lead at the PROFI Interface Center – a PI-accredited Test Lab. Recently, we began offering a formal Developer Training course to complement our PROFINET Certified Network Engineer curriculum.  Carl invited… Read more »

Developing a PROFINET Product

There are so many choices of ways to add PROFINET to an automation device that it is difficult to know where to start.  Where to start depends on: Existing design Type of product Quantities expected Time to market needed For… Read more »

The Data-Driven Factory

Being in the business of moving data with PROFINET, references to the data-driven factory* appeal to me.  Appealing as that is, it’s an incomplete story.  Like a word-driven blog post.  Random words collected do not a blog post make. Random… Read more »

The Difference between PROFIBUS and PROFINET

We still get questions on the difference between PROFIBUS and PROFINET.  PROFIBUS is a classical serial fieldbus; PROFINET is an Industrial Ethernet.  The short answer is that PROFINET is faster with more bandwidth and larger messages.  Here is a more… Read more »

2015’s Most Popular PROFI Stuff

It is traditional to spend time in January looking back and evaluating the preceding year.  In the world of PROFINET and PROFIBUS this was the most popular stuff from 2015: Web page: PROFINET Technology Everything you need to know about… Read more »

Getting Data to IIoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (which is a subset of Internet of Things and a subset of Industrie 4.0) needs data.  The data can be used to analyze and feed back improvements to the process.  But how do you get… Read more »

PROFINET – Show Me the Money

PROFINET can help you justify your project as these features have financial rewards: Feature: proxies. Benefit: Maps legacy networks into PROFINET using an open standard. The money: no need to rip and replace.  Leave your current network intact and add… Read more »

Picking PROFINET Cities

PI North America chooses 16 or 17 cities around the continent for each year’s free PROFINET one-day training classes.  Here is our formerly top secret selection methodology: Never on a Monday… or Friday.  Students face an uncertain start of their… Read more »

How to Spend Your Christmas Vacation – The Sequel

Updated from last year with new and better “technical journals.” Whenever I think of spending some downtime without the daily pressures of work, I think of Star Trek, especially “The Trouble with Tribbles.” You remember the scene – Chief Engineer… Read more »