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Where Is the Edge of the Industrial Internet?

I’ve recently read a number of blog posts and articles talking about the Edge of the Industrial Internet of Things, including Vibhoosh Gupta’s blog post titled “Industrial Edge Node: The iPhone of Industry.” They made me think about where the… Read more »


PROFINET is a mechanism to exchange data between controllers and devices. Controllers could be PLCs, DCSs, or PACs. (Programmable Logic Controllers, Distributed Control Systems, or Programmable Automation Controllers.) Devices could be I/O blocks, vision systems, RFID readers, drives, process instruments,… Read more »

Complementing PROFINET

“Nice job, PROFINET.”  “Way to be deterministic there PROFINET.” No, not complimenting PROFINET, complementing PROFINET. PROFINET is a great backbone for I/O, controllers, vision systems, drives, and more.  But it isn’t all things to all devices.  There are times and… Read more »

Computer History

This post is mostly off the PROFINET and PROFIBUS topics, but there is plenty of engineering-related material here… Prior to the Silicon Valley PROFINET one-day training class, I had a chance to visit the Computer History Museum in Mountain View,… Read more »

A Social Media Milestone

I honestly don’t know how this happened.  But the PROFIblog started ten years ago… quite inauspiciously.  The first post said that we’re starting to blog.  And check back a couple times a week for updates.  Well, the couple times a… Read more »

Ask the instructor: PROFINET Developer Training

Kyle McMillan is a guest blogger and the PROFINET Certification lead at the PROFI Interface Center – a PI-accredited Test Lab. Recently, we began offering a formal Developer Training course to complement our PROFINET Certified Network Engineer curriculum.  Carl invited… Read more »

Developing a PROFINET Product

There are so many choices of ways to add PROFINET to an automation device that it is difficult to know where to start.  Where to start depends on: Existing design Type of product Quantities expected Time to market needed For… Read more »

The Data-Driven Factory

Being in the business of moving data with PROFINET, references to the data-driven factory* appeal to me.  Appealing as that is, it’s an incomplete story.  Like a word-driven blog post.  Random words collected do not a blog post make. Random… Read more »

The Difference between PROFIBUS and PROFINET

We still get questions on the difference between PROFIBUS and PROFINET.  PROFIBUS is a classical serial fieldbus; PROFINET is an Industrial Ethernet.  The short answer is that PROFINET is faster with more bandwidth and larger messages.  Here is a more… Read more »