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Debunking the myth

Gary Mintchell picked up my fieldbus war vs. competition theme over on his blog, then he picked up on our “Debunking the myth” item from PROFInews North American Edition.  The latter prompted a long response from me over there.  Take… Read more »

Revised, Revisited, and Huh?

Revised.  I blogged about the PROFINET Developer Workshop we’re holding in October.  We have more details now – the five largest providers of PROFINET developer tools and technology are now confirmed presenters (and exhibitors) at the workshop: Hilscher North America,… Read more »

Event Planning

I’m using my time in the office for a couple weeks to plan for the next three months’ events.  You may need to start planning your attendance at some of these:    PROFINET one-day training events in Chicago, Portland, OR,… Read more »