An Engineer on Vacation

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You can take an engineer on vacation, but he will find engineering things to do and see. An off-topic post today – at least off the PROFINET and PROFIBUS topic. Still engineering related through. Before going on vacation I used to check for engineering-related places to see. Alas, it no longer works. But, thanks to the Wayback Machine, I discovered one place to see on Maui – the Sugar Museum.

The information is a little dated; the sugar mill closed last year. But a model in the still-opened museum showed how it worked.

Also in the museum, some early equipment:

The only other engineering- related sight I saw was Science City. At over 10,000 feet elevation it’s above the clouds. This provides a good place for radio and optical observations. But no tours. :-(

IMG_5030 (Medium)

Oh, by the way, there was also scenery:

IMG_5114 (Medium)

So, next time you go on vacation, check the Wayback Machine for things to see. (Go back to January 2013 for the real content.)

–Carl Henning

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