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PI North America was founded as the PROFIBUS Trade Organization in 1994 and was generally known as simply PTO.  Although an autonomous non-profit trade organization, PTO renamed itself to PI North America to more closely identify with the international umbrella organization for the Regional PI Associations.

PI North America is dedicated to showing industry the beneficial results of using fieldbuses in general and PROFIBUS and PROFINET in particular, while assisting device manufacturers throughout North America in the development and marketing of PROFIBUS and PROFINET products.

Over 1,500 companies organized in 27 Regional PROFIBUS Associations develop and supply fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet solutions for cost efficient and highly reliable automation.

PI North America is part of the global PI community that includes 27 Regional PI Associations (RPAs).

The PI Community

PI is the largest fieldbus organization and it is the umbrella organization responsible for both PROFIBUS and PROFINET technologies. Its standardization efforts and commitment to openness have guaranteed leading-edge, certified-interchangeable products from an enormous range of suppliers. It has been doing business with PROFIBUS since 1989 and a measure of its success is that there are over 55 million PROFIBUS devices in use today. First PROFINET specifications became available in 2002 and products are being released at an increasing rate. There are more than 15 million PROFINET devices installed today.


As one of those 27 local PROFIBUS and PROFINET organizations, PTO, a non-profit, member organization, is responsible for North America. Members of the PTO are vendors of hardware, software and systems, as well as end users and operators, scientific institutes, universities, distributors, and system integrators. PI North America is governed by a Board of Directors with directors from Hilscher, GE Automaton and Controls, Siemens, and Softing

PI North America supports its members with a range of services such as joint marketing projects, road shows, training classes, product certification, strategy meetings and webinars.

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Contact Us

PI North America

The North American RPA

Mr. Michael J. Bryant
PI North America
16101 N 82nd St., Suite 3B
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: 480-483-2456
Fax: 480-483-7202
Web: You’re here!

PROFI Interface Center

North American certified PICC, PITC, and PITL for PROFIBUS and PROFINET

Mr. Torsten Paulsen
PROFI Interface Center
One Internet Plaza
Johnson City, TN 37604

Phone: 423-262-2687
Fax: 423-262-2103
Web: www.PROFIinterfacecenter.com

RC Systems

North American certified PITC for PROFIBUS

Mr. Ronald Mitchell
RC Systems
3903 Marable Lane
Johnson City, TN 37601

Phone: 423-914-6641
Fax: 423-914-6641
Web: www.rc-systems.biz

Phoenix Contact Software

North American certified PICC for PROFINET

Mr. Dan Swanson
Phoenix Contact Software
500 Avis Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Phone: 734-205-5132
Fax: 717-702-4036
Web: www.phoenixcontact-software.com


North American certified PICC for PROFINET

Mr. Eric Scott
216 Bathurst Drive
Waterloo, ON N2V 2L7

Phone: 519-707-4332
Fax: 519-725-1515
Web: www.molex.com

JCOM Automation

North American certified PITC for PROFIBUS

Mr. James Powell
JCOM Automation Inc.
1115 Whitefield Dr.
Peterborough, ON K9J 7P4

Phone: 705-868-8745
Web: www.jcomautomation.ca

RP Ingenieria

North American certified PICC and PITC for PROFIBUS

Mr. Rodrigo Pinto Cardenas
RP Ingenieria Limitada
Tucapel 91, Of. 52

Phone: +56-41-2469350
Fax: +56-41-2469350
Web: www.rpingenieria.com