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Diagnostics and PROFINET Webinar- Q&A

A few weeks ago we hosted a webinar together with the PIC (PROFI-Interface Center) about PROFINET Diagnostics. We had many attendees and several of them had very interesting questions during the webinar. As a recap and a way to sum… Read more »

Network Diagnostics and PROFINET

PROFINET has the best in class diagnostic mechanisms. Comprehensive diagnostic information is available for PROFINET. Alarms, HMI screens, special-purpose tools, and standard IT protocols all have a place in preventing downtime and assisting with troubleshooting. Watch this webinar to learn… Read more »

Motor Diagnostics

We often brag about PROFINET’s diagnostic capabilities and we brag about PROFINET’s role in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0. PROFINET excels at device to controller communications. But not all communications needs to go to the controller… Read more »

PROFI Diagnostics

A real, measurable benefit of using PROFIBUS and PROFINET is the diagnostic tool set.  For an introduction see the InTech article “PROFIBUS and PROFINET Troubleshooting, Comprehensive Guide.”  Additional depth is provided in the resources here: PROFIBUS PROFIBUS PA relates to… Read more »

PROFIBUS PA – Diagnostics Made Easy

What follows is an excerpt from the recently released White Paper entitled 6 Reasons to Give PROFIBUS PA Another Look. Fieldbus communication has brought about a paradigm shift in automation technology. Communication used to be one-way and each line carried… Read more »

Professional PROFIBUS Diagnostic Tool

Softing Newsletter   Dear Colleagues: Professional PROFIBUS Diagnostic Tool Today, Softing’s PROFIBUS Tester 4 has solidified its position as the de-facto industry-standard for analyzing PROFIBUS networks. Companies like Husky Injection Molding, Robert Bosch, and BMW rely on this tester from… Read more »

PROFINET Diagnostics Rock

Day one of the PI North America General Assembly Meeting sessions concluded with PROFINET presentations: one on diagnostics and one on the net load test tool. To open his session with a “wow,” Hunter Harrington of the PROFI Interface Center… Read more »

PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite – New Version

NEWBURYPORT, MA– Softing, the world-leading company in providing comprehensive network diagnostic tools, has announced the availability of a new software version of its innovative PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite. The latest update includes novel diagnostic features to execute extensive  tests on a… Read more »

Hanover Fair – Diagnostics

PROFINET diagnostics are a huge differentiator for PROFINET.  Building on the concepts pioneered by PROFIBUS (at the device, module, and channel level), PROFINET adds diagnostics for the Industrial Ethernet network.  Because PROFINET is just Ethernet, it leverages IT protocols to… Read more »